6 Types of Neighbours


When you start living alone, you meet a whole new set of people, and each one of them has a designated role in society. They have some or the other trait, let’s find out how many such neighbors you have met so far.

The Nosy Neighbors 

These are the neighbors, who enjoy interfering in others’ lives. They have a spare set of binoculars always handy and are always interested in knowing a little more about your life. Don’t let them know where you rent your furniture from or what time you come back home, because they can cause trouble when they like.  

The Gossipmongers 

These neighbors just love to gossip, you can tell them a little secret and then watch it unfold into a dramatic 11 episode series. You can tell them about how much money you save renting all your furniture, and in no time you will become your society’s financial expert. 

The Over-Friendly Ones 

If you hate small talk, then you definitely hate these neighbors. They always have something or the other to ask you, like where did you get your furniture from or if you would like to invite them over for dinner. These neighbors drain your energy because it is that difficult to get out of conversation with them. 

The Fighters 

They just love to pick up a fight, whether it is about parking space or about a slight noise from your home. They thrive on chaotic energy and you need to learn a way to avoid them to maintain your own peace. You can either start agreeing to whatever they say or stop responding, it is the best way to protect your energy. 

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The Jealous Ones 

Having a better house or better furniture pisses these neighbors off and so they will always try to bring you down. They might get jealous of how your blue sofa is not only charismatic but only costs you the bare minimum.  Everything you tell them, they will assume is a lie because they are in a secret competition with you. They can be easily spotted through their fake laughs and concerns. 

The Party Animals 

They have the liveliest house in society, with the loudest music and people always coming and going. If you cannot find someone like that, then it is possible that you’re the party animal of your society. Best food, comfortable furniture and welcoming energy are what your house is all about. 

Whoever the neighbor might be, just make sure you stay comfortable in and out of your house with the right furniture, people and environment.


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