How to Build a Business Website That Converts?

Build a Business Website

Do you know that the average attention span of humans is just 8.25 seconds? It is even shorter than that of goldfish! With time, human attention span is reducing and this is a major concern for online businesses. The time spent by a visitor on your website will depend on how engaging it is. This will further determine how many of your visitors convert after exploring your offerings. The best-performing websites witness a conversion rate as high as 11%. Time to level up your online business game. So, here are some effective tips to build a business website that converts.

Help Shoppers Find Your Website

Try these ways to help your target audience discover your business:

  • Pick a top-notch domain and an on-brand professional domain name.
  • Use your customer inquiries and work with a business website builder to research relevant long-tail keywords that you can add to every page of your site. These keywords can also be helpful in other SEO practices for your website.

Help Shoppers Use Your Website

Now that visitors can discover your business, they should be able to use your website easily. Consider a web hosting service provider who ensures that your site loads fast to retain your visitors. Besides, your website layout design should be mobile-responsive since most local searches are carried out on mobile phones nowadays.

On the other hand, make sure that your business website is free from clutter. Before adding infographics, autoplay videos or sliders that need both horizontal and vertical scrolling, consider whether they’ll hinder or help visitors when they explore your site.

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Make Purchasing on Your Website Easy

If you sell products, your website should have high-quality images and videos of them. These and written descriptions are the only sensory input about your online products to your customers. Ensure that all product descriptions are simple and easy to read (written in short paragraphs and/or with bullet points).

The checkout process should not be repetitive, time-consuming or complex since it’s a make-or-break point for conversions. So, try these tips:

  • Skip roadblocks like requirements for guests to register before adding items to the cart.
  • Offer the option for guest checkout. Busy people might abandon a cart instead of registering as new customers.
  • Opt for e-commerce tools preferred by your target users. The business website builder can help you with that.
  • Make shipping and payment information entry as simple as possible, preferably using data that are already shared by customers via a payment service.

Show Visitors Why They Should Choose You

Consider the following strategies to help your visitors build trust:

  • Clearly state your delivery and return policies on each page.
  • Add your preferred contact details to every page.
  • Include testimonials and reviews of happy customers.
  • Display trust symbols to show the way your website safeguards your customers’ information.

Last but not least, make sure that the web hosting service provider tests all the elements of your website from time to time to check how they affect conversion rates. Accordingly, changes should be made to help make your website more engaging. Check website design costs based on different packages and durations of receiving the services.

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