Executable SEO Strategy to Acquire Ranking

SEO Ranking Using Data Science

Search Engine optimization does not produce results overnight. It requires a lot of effort to gain fruits. You have to invest time, money, and your energies to get the desired results. It’s not only about creating quality content; in fact, the SEO spectrum stretches itself to an extensive range of factors.

The search engine optimization strategy has two phases. The first phase is based on on-site optimization, while the second phase is based on off-site optimization. In the first phase, we’ll start with auditing the site’s SEO health. Below you’ll find a shortlist of the areas that need to be examined:

  • Ranking keywords of the domain 
  • Organic Monthly Traffic
  • Domain Score
  • Backlinks

Table of Contents

On-Site Optimization (First Phase) 

After analyzing all the areas, we’ll move on towards the first phase. The first phase is not a child’s play; it requires efforts and continuous evolving strategies that can cope up with current market standards. Especially when it comes to content creation, the phase can be hectic and troublesome.

As to align the blogs and other related content with keywords requires to brainstorm different ideas. Along with that, you also need to cover the topics that can align with the user search intent. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that need to follow for the execution of on-site optimization

  • Keyword Research, Selection, and Testing
  • Optimizing Meta Description Tags
  • ALT Tags
  • Meta Titles
  • URL structure
  • Inter Linking Strategy
  • Content (Blog and General site content)
  • Keyword Density
  • Site Map submission both in XML and user-facing
  • Track Targeted keywords  
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Off-Site Optimization (Second Phase)

It takes time for getting the webpages to get crawled by Google for the indexation purpose. Meanwhile, we’ll move on towards the second phase, the off-site optimization. The phase involves the activities that drive awareness and referral traffic to the site from other domains. The phase will be based on the following aspects:

  • Local Directory Submission
  • Forum Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Quora Commenting
  • Classified Ad posting
  • Blog Submission
  • Social Media Optimization

The process of the second phase takes time, as it depends on the search engine when it crawls and indexes the site and how it determines the reputation of the site in the search engine result page. You also have to be very careful while generating links on other domains.

Make sure to create links on high domain authority sites with a considerable chunk of traffic. You’ll also need to make sure not to create any link on spammy sites. It will harm your reputation in the eyes of Google and other search engines. 

Bottom Line 

Before blindly following this Executable SEO Strategy to Acquire Ranking in the search engine result page, make sure to set your certain goals by having competitor analysis. It will let you to determine the areas where you need to focus the most and to invest your energies — best of luck with your virtual business.


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