How Much Does Immigration Attorney Cost for An Asylum Case in Texas State?

Attorney Cost for Asylum Case

Asylum cases vary from being mildly challenging to severely difficult to handle. As the case is based heavily on the right to grant a refugee or a non-citizen who has a fear of persecution in their home country, several criteria and personal background checks are needed. Expect that the amount of work exerted in an asylum case comes with an upscale price. Let’s learn how much does immigration attorney cost for an asylum case in Texas state. 

Being the second-largest state in the United States by population, Texas houses a large scale of immigrants. The state houses an estimate of 4 million immigrants which ultimately a reason for rising immigration law firms in each area. Since Texas follows the country’s immigration law guidelines as it is a federal law, here is a glimpse of how much it can cost you to hire an immigration attorney for an asylum case.

The Cost for an Asylum Attorney

Asylum, by its nature, is a complex case to succeed in. With the history of asylum misused for personal and unlawful gains, immigration attorneys have taken a toll on defending asylum seekers who require a sanctuary. Given that asylum involves a lot of legal assistance compared to other law cases, the cost for an asylum attorney can lean on a higher price scale. 

The average cost an immigration attorney charges for an asylum case ranges from $1000 to $6000. It also depends on the case’s workload. The range is also different if your case requires more court appearances than usual. Increased court appearances happen in deportation defense trials or when you are denied in an affirmative asylum process and then recommended to apply for defensive asylum. These scenarios can charge you from $1000 to $10,000 to overall compensation for the briefing of evidence, court appeals, and time commitment of your lawyer.

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The Factors Within the Cost 

As hefty as it seems, asylum lawyers often compromise their charge based on your financial capability. Since most asylum seekers come empty-handed once they are in the United States, many immigration attorneys offer a lesser price than the actual rate. 

Hiring a lawyer can cost you almost the same amount if you refused to employ one.  In comparison to waiting for four to eight weeks just by mere application process alone, lawyers make it ten times faster for you during application and interview. It is an efficient choice to hire one since attorneys already know when, where, and what you need to do and acquire before your asylum interview and court process. It will save you time, extra money, application rejection, and ultimately, burden. 

A part of their legal assistance is to make sure that every charge that can hinder you from having an asylum grant is verified and factual. Therefore, preventing you from having future problems in court or during your interview when asked on the spot. Your attorney can help you prepare for what needs emphasis during the interview and the possible questions you’ll receive.


In particular, an immigration attorney costs quite a fortune for an asylum seeker. However, every cost is for your benefit and safety. To conclude, asylum attorneys can be a guarantee to securing your safety and security if you are indeed proven to be persecuted in your own country. For more information, ask an immigration lawyer near you.


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