10 skills you need to develop to become a good writer

How to become a better writer

Whether you are a person who likes to write or want to be a blogger or a writer who publishes books, if you want to write well and valuable articles, it will take time to accumulate. This time we invited well-known tribes Writers, as well as writers who are good at writing novels, organize the hard work and key points we need to become a good writers, hoping to help readers develop their writing skills more efficiently, whether it is letters or blog posts in the future, it can be regarded as A good writer!

On writing every day

The habit of daily writing is the first requirement to become a good writer. It is very important; even if you only use a few sentences to write your diary and your thoughts every day, you will find that with the accumulation of days and months, My writing skills gradually improved, and I found my writing style.

Read like readers

A best-selling author by Stephen King mentioned in his book “Writing” that if you don’t take the time to read, then you may not be able to construct writing tools in your mind; he takes our thinking about writing. As a tool, and to enrich this tool, you must rely on reading to prepare yourself for various skills at any time.

Therefore, getting into the habit of carrying books or e-books with you so that you can access different types of articles at any time can help you construct a more diverse text structure when writing, and it is also a very important part of becoming a writer. Remarks: When you are in the process of reading, you can record your reading feelings, favorite words, and sentences. You can also mark out where you can write better or reconstruct the text with different sentences. Help you train to become a writer.

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Watch more TV and Youtube.

Besides reading books, if you want to be a writer, don’t neglect to watch TV and Youtube videos, especially writers who write novels and stories. Some great stories are often shown on TV or Youtube. You can also observe Some narration methods, some writing skills are recorded, and inspiration is also collected in the show.

Watch more movies

This is a method recommended by many well-known writers. In addition to watching more TV and movies as mentioned above, people who want to become writers must watch many movies. Watching more movies can help you understand a story. Collect all kinds of storytelling skills and useful themes from these movies. Movies often have many things that writers can learn from, including story structure, rhythm, and even deeper story implications, which are worthy of writers to put in their works. Among.

Set up your writing space

If you have a space suitable for writing, it is very important for you who want to be a writer. This writing space is for your brain to think more clearly and not be influenced by others. Sometimes, some writers will choose to stay at home. Some people will choose to stay in the library, of course, Best printer for home there will be a few writers who can keep clear and logical thinking in noisy cafes;

However, I suggest readers who want to become writers/bloggers set up and cultivate themselves to write articles in a certain “environment” as much as possible and then copy them in the same way as much as possible regardless of where they are to train your brain to quickly switch to writer mode, for example, what kind of coffee to match and what kind of music to listen to, set your writer mode.

Find your community

If possible, you can find other writers online or generally privately arranged book clubs and writing sessions; participating in such activities is very good for writers. You can try to be in such a group. Let these people who are more sensitive to words read your work, and let them give you many suggestions; of course, you may also find an excellent writer here, learn relevant writing skills with him, and then use useful information as content to help you write a Better article.

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Learn to self-edit to become a better writer

After a long time of training in writing and reading, you will find that in the process of writing an article, you can slowly find your style, or the words can be used more accurately, more artistically, etc., so you should start to try Examine and correct your work (but not nitpicking) to see if you can further optimize your past works, such as alternative text, sentences, semantics, descriptions,  Blue light blocking glasses and even punctuation marks Use of and check whether the difference between the modified result and the original result is good or bad.

Investment editing and cover art

If you are a writer who wants to publish a book, you must invest in editing and cover, which is not negotiable; this means you must find a professional publisher and designer to plan for your work. For example, how the design attracts attention (including the entire book’s color, size, and material). Good works often depend on the publisher’s specialty. Therefore, publishers should read more and compare and try to strive for credible publication—the publisher’s publishing rights.

Set your goals to become a better writer

No matter what profession you do. Including writer. You must set a goal for yourself. And this goal must be persistent. Even if you are not a professional writer. You can still set some simple goals. Such as reading every day for 30 minutes. 1 hour of writing a day. Two movies a week, etc. How to get rid of dandruff For a writer to write a good article, it takes a long time and accumulated experience. Therefore, it is a very important part to set a clear goal and execute it.

Call yourself a writer

You have to be brave and confident to say out loud: “I am a writer!” Anyone can write articles, but you must have created many valuable articles and content for your hard writing and learning. This is the same whether you are an online blogger, a writer, or a writer about to publish a book. If you are confident and hardworking, you can call an excellent writer!


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