How long can eggs keep?

How to cook butternut squash

How to cook butternut squash. Who does not know it: It is Sunday, and you are about to bake a delicious cake when you suddenly notice that the eggs in your refrigerator have already passed the best-before date for three days. EAT SMARTER explains how long eggs can keep and how you can test their freshness.

How long can eggs keep? How to cook butternut squash

Eggs are high-quality foods rich in protein and fat, minerals, vitamins A, K, B2, and folic acid. Unfortunately, eggs also contain a lot of cholesterol and should therefore not be eaten too often. Our expert explains whether eggs increase the cholesterol level and what else you should pay attention to when eating them:

” Eggs contain cholesterol, and quite a bit. Both the American Heart Society and the Independent Health Advisory Board UGB and the German Heart Society recommend a maximum of one or two eggs per week. The assumption that too many eggs alone are responsible for the rise in cholesterol is valid Today, however, as out of date. Rather, the entire nutritional concept is considered. It is important that you eat a low-fat diet, i.e. avoid a lot of butter and fatty sausage products. Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, for example, lower the cholesterol level, “explains Linda Marx, qualified ecotrophologist and Nutritionist.

However, one egg is not the same as another: there are different quality and weight classes that must also be marked on the packaging together with the best before date, the number, the name, and the identification number of the packing center.

How long eggs can be kept depends on storage: All eggs can be stored unrefrigerated for the first 18-20 days without hesitation, as their shell provides natural protection against bacteria and intruders. If you want to store eggs for more than 20 days after the laying date, you should keep them in the refrigerator, as the cold also prevents germs and pathogens from infecting the egg.

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Eggs can also stores in the refrigerator for two to four weeks past the best-before date. However, after the best-before date expires, eggs should only uses for cooking or baking when they have thoroughly heated. Eggs that are no more than 18 days old  recommends for fresh ice-cream dishes such as tiramisu or mayonnaise.

What does the best before date mean? How to cook butternut squash

The best before date says how long eggs belong to quality class A, i.e., the highest quality, and how long they can calls “fresh” eggs. In Germany, the period from laying to the best before date is 28 days.

It would help if you kept this in mind when handling fresh eggs.

Although eggs are very strictly controlled, contamination with salmonella cannot be ruled out. The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) recommends that risk groups (pregnant women, breastfeeding women, young children, the sick, and the elderly) thoroughly heat eggs and egg products before consumption to reduce the chance of a Salmonella infection further.

In the event of contact with raw eggs and the eggshell, hands should washes thoroughly with hot water and soap before and during food preparation. Cooking utensils that have come into contact with raw eggs and shells should also rinse with hot water before they contact other foods.

Eggs and ice-cream dishes should also not keep warm for too long. Cooling and then reheating is the safer option.

This is how you can tell whether an egg is still good: How to cook butternut squash

If you have the box with the best before date no longer have before and are not sure when you bought the eggs from the refrigerator, there are three tests to determine whether your eggs are still good or fresh:

Test 1:

To check the shelf life of an egg, place the egg in a bowl of water. If the egg remains on the bottom of the container, it is fresh and definitely can keep. If it is slightly inclined, it is a bit older and should heat through (i.e., no longer used for dishes with fresh eggs). Now If it floats on the surface of the water, it is terrible, and you can safely throw it away.

A rotten egg rises in the glass because the water in the egg yolk gradually evaporates, and the air gets into the egg instead through the porous shell. If the amount of air in the egg is so large that it floats on the surface, it spoils.

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Test 2:

If you still want to check whether the egg is durable despite the water test, you should use a plate to help you. Beat the egg and carefully slide the egg whites and yolks onto the plate.

It remains the yolk in the center of the protein and beads on a fixed slimy mass (as in the picture above). It is still fresh. However, if the egg white melts or if the yolk looks very runny and does not stay in the middle, the egg spoils.

Test 3:

Observe the optics of the egg and smell it after it has cracks. The eggshell should not have any cracks or dents and should not be sticky. Fresh eggs smell neutral, but they are wrong if they smell sour, unpleasant, or lazy.

You should only use fresh eggs for dishes such as tiramisu or mayonnaise. Some older eggs can cooks as breakfast eggs, made into delicious omelets, or French quiches.

Knowledge to take away to How to cook butternut squash

Eggs are high-quality foods rich in protein and fat, minerals, vitamins A, K, B2, and folic acid. They can keep for about 18-20 days without refrigeration. In the refrigerator, the shelf life of eggs extends by another two to four weeks. For fresh ice cream, you should only use eggs that are no longer than 18 days old.

Different egg products have different shelf lives. In addition, some can super-frozen, such as egg yolks and egg whites, while others keep in the refrigerator.

According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. Eggs and ice creams should heat well before consumption to reduce the risk of Salmonella infection. You should also ensure that hands and cooking utensils have come into contact with raw eggs. Or eggshells wash thoroughly and with hot water.

There are several ways to find out whether an egg is still fresh. The first option is the water test. If an egg floats on the surface when you put it in a water glass, it spoils. If it is on the floor or is only slightly inclines, it is still fresh.

The second option is to whip the ice cream on a plate. If the yolk stays in the middle and beds on slimy egg white, the egg is fresh. However, if the egg white is very watery and the yolk runs to the sides, the egg is older.

The third option is to assess the egg visually and by its smell. The shell should be intact, and the egg should have a neutral odor.

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