Unpair Apple Watch: This is how deleting and resetting work

How to unpair apple watch

How to unpair Apple watch. Do you have a new iPhone and therefore want to decouple your Apple Watch from your old smartphone? Then you can easily create a backup and then separate the two Apple devices from each other. Or should your Apple Watch even change hands, and you, therefore, want to delete all data and reset the wearable to the factory settings? This also works in next to no time – both with and without an iPhone. UPDATED explains step by step how to proceed in both cases.

Unpair the Apple Watch via the iPhone app

The easiest way to unpair your Apple Watch from the iPhone is via your smartphone’s associated Apple Watch app. The only requirement: for it to work, it is necessary that both devices are close to each other.

How to proceed step by step:

  1. First, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Now go to My Watch and then select your Apple Watch at the top of the screen.
  3. Next, tap the info icon next to the Apple Watch that you want to unpair (the small i in a circle).
  4. Tap now on Apple Watch de-kop-PelN .
  5. If you have an Apple Watch 3 (GPS + Cellular) or an Apple Watch 4 (GPS + Cellular), you will now be asked to choose whether you want to keep the connected cellular tariff or not.
    Attention: If you want to pair your Apple Watch with your current iPhone again later, you can keep the cellular tariff. You can remove the cellular tax if you do not want to pair the two devices again later.
  6. The app now asks you to confirm the unpairing again. You may also be asked to enter your Apple ID password to unlock.
    Necessary: If you do not remove the activation lock, the possible new owner of the Apple Watch cannot set up the wearable again
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Before your Apple Watch is subsequently decoupled, your iPhone automatically creates an up-to-date backup with the contents of the watch. So you can quickly restore your data later on this or another Apple Watch.

After successful decoupling, the Apple Watch app offers you the option to start pairing again. If you wish, you can now set up your current or another Apple Watch.

This data deletes when you unpair your Apple Watch – and  not includes in the backup:

  • Information about active Bluetooth connections
  • Apple Pay data (e.g., stored credit cards)
  • the PIN and other codes

Unpair Apple Watch without iPhone

If you don’t have your iPhone at hand, you can also unpair your Apple Watch directly on the Smartwatch and delete the saved data. However, that has two post-tei-le :

  1. No current backup creates.
  2. You cannot deactivate the activation lock in this way. This requires a further step via the iCloud.

If you still want to unpair your Apple Watch without an iPhone, proceed as follows:

  1. Tap your Apple Watch on A-stel-lun-gen > All-ge-my > Back-set-zen > Settings & delete content .
  2. You may now ask to enter your PIN.
  3. You will also ask whether you want to keep or remove the connected cellular tariff with an Apple Watch 3 (GPS + Cellular) and Apple Watch 4 (GPS + Cellular). While in the section Note Apple Watch via iPhone app de-kop-PelN instructions listed under step 5.
  4. Then tap on Erase everything. This will reset your Apple Watch to the factory settings. Your data will not back up.
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If you also want to remove the activation lock, you can do this on icloud.com.

  1. Sign up there with your Apple ID and password, and then go on iPhone search > te Gerä-all. Select the Apple Watch you want here.
  2. Now click on Delete Apple Watch and then on Next until the Smartwatch is deleted.
  3. Finally, click on the X symbol next to the Apple Watch to remove the Activation Lock.

Unpair the Apple Watch in just a few steps

Whatever the reason you want to unpair your Apple Watch, there are two easy ways to do it. Both from the iPhone, using the associated Apple Watch app, and directly via the smartwatch.

Unpairing, the Apple Watch, is particularly easy with the iPhone. A current backup automatically creates, and the activation lock also removes in decoupling via the app. Its new owner can easily set up the Apple Watch.

If you reset your Apple Watch to the factory settings directly on the wearable, you should note that no current backup creates. The activation lock does not automatically lift here either. This requires an extra step via iCloud.

If the Apple Watch decouples and thus resets to the factory settings, it can change hands without hesitation after removing the activation lock. Or you can pair it with your (new) iPhone.

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