Best Youtube Video Downloaders For Mobile in 2021

How to Download Youtube Videos in Mobile

Best youtube video downloaders for mobile in 2021

There must have come a lot of times when you don’t have internet access. But still, you watch your favorite video and movies during that time. It would be best if you had felt very left out and bored while traveling or in your free time. You must have never realized while streaming youtube videos that you can download them too.  Yes, it’s crucial to know how to download youtube videos on mobile. It must be great news for you that there are many ways to download youtube videos on mobile. 


Why do you need to download youtube videos on mobile?

Many people prefer to watch videos in their comfort zone. They would like to download videos from their home wifi to watch anytime. It will save them from using their mobile data package. There are several reasons for people who want to download youtube videos on mobile. Many of you would download videos to watch offline. However, many want downloaded videos to edit them for their content or make response videos. 

You must have seen the downloading option available for some videos on the youtube app. But it’s not available for all videos, and rules vary from country to country. So when there is no option to download videos directly from youtube, you are left with two choices. One of them is to get the youtube paid subscription, and the other is to get third-party downloaders. It’s imperative to get third-party downloaders to download youtube videos on mobile. Third-party applications can save you the cost of buying subscriptions.


Is it safe to download youtube videos on mobile?

You must have got many questions in mind when you choose to get a third-party downloader. Many would like to know whether it’s safe to download youtube videos on mobile. Are you curious to see if it’s legal to download youtube videos on mobile? Although many service providers like Ontiva are claiming to be a tremendous free youtube downloader for you. Many are very unsafe for your device; they download malware to your PC or inject viruses. The ways and websites reviewed in these articles are legal to use and safe for you.


How to download youtube videos on mobile?

Here you will find some paid and free applications to explain how to download youtube videos on mobile.


Youtube premium.

If you don’t want to enter any complicated method of downloading, then this is for you. The easiest and simple way to download youtube videos on mobile is to get a youtube premium account. Although the invoice is paid, apart from downloading videos, you get many facilities from it. You will get a free trial version of youtube premium so you can see if it suits you. The amount will be deducted when the trial version is over. 

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To get the youtube premium account go to the youtube app. Here you will click the profile picture of yours on the top right corner. Now select Get youtube premium. So you have successfully subscribed to a premium account with all its facilities. The paid version costs you $14.99 per month. Now you need to press the download icon on the desired video. Hence your video will be directly saved to your mobile storage.



InsTube is another actual android application. It will allow you to download youtube videos on mobile. How To Be Single It’s an all-in-one application. Apart from downloading videos from youtube, InsTube allows downloading from other renowned platforms. You can download videos from Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, etc. Institute is very famous among its fans because of a high downloading speed. This youtube video downloader is power-packed with a lot of unique features. It allows the users to select the quality of the video before it starts downloading. 

You can do a lot of customization within the app; for example, you can add bookmarks. The users of the tube are allowed to hide their private videos within the application. It provides the facility of downloading youtube videos on mobile by its on the search engine. To download in a tube, go to its original website and launch it on your mobile. Search the video from the app and tap the red download button. Now you will be given the option to select the quality of the video to be downloaded. Now you are ready to download your favorite video so press Fast Download. Your favorite youtube video will be downloaded in a few minutes on your mobile. The user must be patient enough to download a free youtube video because they might see some advertisements while the process is going on.



Y2Mate is another android application that supports downloading youtube videos on mobile. Its preface is very simple and easy to use. The laymen can efficiently operate it. Apart from downloading youtube videos, you can download videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. Install the Y2Mate application on your device to start downloading. Now copy the link of your desired video and paste it into the app’s search engine. Press the white-colored download button to select the quality of the video. Your downloaded video will be automatically downloaded to your mobile.


YT3 Youtube Downloader

YT3 Youtube downloader can solve your query on how to download youtube videos on mobile. It’s a heavy application that can download youtube videos for you in any format. It supports downloading in mp3 and mp4 format. With a neat and clean interface, it attracts the user for easy downloading. This user-friendly application allows you to have a preview of the video before downloading it. This will make sure whether it’s the exact video you want to be downloaded. The downloader saves all the downloaded videos in your mobile’s storage with a very high downloading speed. 

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It’s not only a downloader, but it’s also a streaming platform too. The fantastic feature includes the lyrics in written form on the screen while the user plays the music. This is just a youtube video downloader that allows you to select the video’s quality before it starts to download. If you want to download a youtube video, then install this application on your mobile. Search the desired video from its built-in search engine. When you tap the selected video, you will get many options on the right side, whether you need an mp3 file download, mp4 download, or an audio preview. You can select your desired file format for the video to start downloading.



The new pipe is another fantastic platform that will help you to download youtube videos on mobile. This application is way different from its competitive service providers. It has some unique features that offer for free without advertisement. The components support 4k quality, popup mode, and multiple themes. The new pipe is very lightweight and an open-source android application. Did you ever wish that you could use the rest of the mobile applications while using youtube? Yes, your wish has come true with the launch of the NewPipe application. Here you can use it as a real youtube application to use it in the background. 

You are free to search for videos, music and download them in up to 4k quality. You get the option to see your history, favorites, playlist, subtitle, and queuing here. No doubt it’s one of those applications that must be your first choice as a video downloader. It doesn’t ask for any registration or in-app purchase. You can download videos and music in any file format you like. So to start downloading from NewPipe, you must install it on your mobile. Launch it and search for your favorite video in the search bar. Now tap the desired video and press the download button. You can choose the quality of the video before downloading it. Finally, select the file format to be downloaded and click OK for the download to begin. When the file download, you can change the name of the file.



Here you have got the solution for how to download youtube videos on mobile. You will find many applications and software on the browser that promises to provide youtube video downloading. However, many of them pack with a lot of annoying advertisements or charge too high. But don’t worry because all of the youtube downloaders mentioned above are safe to use. They will not let any virus, malware, or trojans enter your device. Moreover, they are free of cost.

“You do not allow to access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify. Or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content. Except: (a) as expressly authorized by the Service. Or (b) with prior written permission from YouTube. And, if applicable, the respective rights holders.” says Google’s terms and conditions.


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