How to lose weight on your face.

How to lose weight in your face

What is the first thing you notice when you meet a close friend or see a famous star on television? How to lose weight in your face You will probably realize that that person has something different, and initially, you will not know how to explain why you find him different. Only after having scrutinized her from top to bottom will you realize instead that she has lost weight in her face. Our face, like it or not, is our first “business card,” so it is imperative that we like it, and for sure, when we find ourselves a few extra pounds, our self-esteem suffers. Even a simple change in weight can have a more significant effect on your cheeks long before it is noticeable in your waistline.

So what is the fastest way to lose face weight?

It is technically impossible to hit a specific area to lose weight, but the first results you will notice will be those inherent in weight loss when someone manages to do it. To achieve this, you must follow a seven-step plan that focuses on eliminating an increase in water weight (which may mean you can even lose 5 kilograms) and will help you start a simple water weighting strategy. Weight loss. With this multi-step plan, you will achieve a dry appearance, a healthy glow, and encouragement to continue towards your concrete goal. Look at yourself one last time in the mirror before starting my program: your image will look quite different in a short time!

The seven-step plan

Seven step plan to lose face fat:

Step 1

Drink at least two liters of water a day. I find this step very critical as when you don’t drink enough water; your body goes into sustenance mode. It begins to think that it has “run aground on a desert island” with only a small water supply, so it resists whatever water deprivation you go through. Result? Your body will begin to swell, and you will soon notice that this swelling has affected your face, your hands, and even your feet. So get ready to drink some water. Are you bored of the usual tap water at home? Perfect, no problem: try drinking sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime. Of course, other drinks (coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks) are essential for your water balance, but remember that they can contain calories and nullify your newly obtained benefits. Nothing is healthier and more effective than good old water!

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Step 2

Eat at least three portions of fruit and as many vegetables per day. Fruits and vegetables have a high fiber content, which gives you a feeling of satiety, so you are less likely to go for a high-calorie snack. If you still get hungry, eat carrots instead of the usual candies. Carrots don’t appeal to you? Well, then you can consume some strawberries.

Step 3

Stop drinking alcohol! Whether in the form of wine, beer, or spirits, alcohol dehydrates your body. Today, we know that the same alcohol significantly contributes to increasing the swelling of our face. Organism through the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Step 4

Increase Your Calcium Intake: Many studies have shown that consuming at least 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day (from dietary sources, mainly dairy) would lead to more significant body fat loss; according to other studies, as many as half of the women who they took calcium as a supplement were able to see a reduction in symptoms of PMS syndrome ( premenstrual ), including that of water retention. So the next time you go looking for a snack, think about eating yogurt or a piece of fresh cheese with flakes. And don’t go for fat-free dairy products, as fat-free dairy can also help you feel fuller when wisely dosed in the food that contains it.

Step 5

Cut 250 calories each day and burn 250 calories. A pound of fat contains 3,500 calories, so to lose it, you have to eliminate an equal number of calories, either by reducing your food intake or by increasing your training. There is only one way to burn and cut the amount mentioned above of calories: to walk at a fast speed for half an hour a day. If you cannot leave the house due to bad weather, do not be discouraged: turn on the TV and quietly follow one of the many aerobics programs to drop weight from home. And stay away from the many temptations present inside the various shopping centers.

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Step 6 How to lose weight in your face

Pay attention to the amount of salt you use for seasoning, cooking. How to lose weight in your face Processed foods tend to be high in sodium, so when you add salt, you are overdoing it. Please pay close attention to soy sauce (and Chinese foods in general), soups and soups in boxes (unless they are labeled with a low salt content), soups from restaurants, packets of salmon and tuna ( it is better to rinse the latter to remove excess salt), pretzels, fried potatoes, and salty snacks.

Step 7 How to lose weight in your face

Do a serious workout with the help of a weight machine, dumbbells, or bodyweight exercises, so that you will keep your muscle tissue dry. How to lose weight in your face These types of activities will help you retain all the muscles, including those in your face.

A final consideration on facial slimming

If you do a strict diet without resorting to hard training, you will end up with flabby facial skin, as you will not be rebuilding your muscle tissue. Follow my advice, and you will end up with remarkably rejuvenated, colored, and healthy skin.

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