How to get a flat stomach?

How to get a flat stomach

Easy tips for doing every day to reduce abdominal fat and get a flat stomach again 

Flat stomach, it’s not just a question of aesthetics. Experts recommend keeping the waist circumference under observation. How to get a flat stomach The abdominal fat is not only unsightly but can be harmful to health since, in the long run, it can endanger the internal organs.

So dreaming of having a “flat stomach” is not only a matter of transforming your body and improving your physical fitness but also of protecting your health and preventing disease. After all, a few tricks are enough to live better and feel fitter, reducing visceral fat.

1.  Reduce sugars and pay attention to the glycemic index of foods How to get a flat stomach

In response to the intake of foods very high in sugar, our body can increase insulin production. This factor can increase the accumulation of abdominal fat, as our expert explains. Those who have problems with the expansion of fat in the abdominal area should also take care of nutrition from the point of view of the glycemic index. (Also Read: Glycemic Index: Why It Matters and What Low GI Foods Are )

2.  Do physical activity and targeted exercises, especially isometrics

Performing regular aerobic physical activity helps the body eliminate fat deposits. Often this occurs primarily in the abdominal area. Practicing physical activity constantly is a guarantee to maintain good health and recover the shape you would like. To tone the muscles in the site, you can perform targeted and specific exercises, such as the classic “abdominals” or crunches. However, the advice is to practice more Pilates and Yoga exercises aimed at the abdominals. E ‘was also shown by studies that isometric exercises like plank or vacuum abdominal are much more effective in reducing visceral fat. Cardio training, aerobics, kickboxing, and dance ( Zumba and Samba in particular) also help tone your abs and achieve a flat stomach. Running, cycling, and swimming, to be practiced regularly, help overall weight loss and can be combined with a program to reduce abdominal fat. Here and here is a valuable exercise sequence that combines Yoga and Pilates.

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3.  Prefer whole grains and fibrous vegetables

A diet rich in fiber, including whole grains and fibrous vegetables, can help prevent the body from absorbing any significant amounts of sugars taken during meals. The intake of fiber helps the body to get rid of waste and maintain a more normal weight. If a high-fiber meal can fill you up, maybe the sweet snacks that could compromise your figure will be reduced.

4.  Reduce stress and sleep more

Weight gain and the accumulation of fat in the belly and upper body can be linked to the body’s production of cortisol due to stress. In this case, you could find a way to at least partially limit the stress factors that make your days heavy and to carve out a moment of relaxation, at least in the evening, with relaxation techniques that can modulate the cortisol levels present in your body, but also sleep better, the most effective action to reduce the stress hormone.

5.  Chew well and for a long time

The quality of what we eat is important, how we do it, and how we consume our meals. If we eat in a hurry and do not chew well, there is a risk of air accumulating in our abdominal cavity, which can cause a bloating problem that contributes to the increase in the volume of the abdomen. So the advice is to give the correct times to our meals and chew for a long time. Read also: Chew slowly, here’s the secret to losing weight

6.  Cut back on excess salt

One of the enemies of the flat stomach? The water retention. If you find yourself suffering from water retention, it could be the fault of excessive salt consumption. So pay particular attention to the added salt in packaged and canned products, but also in ready-made and frozen dishes, and try to follow a diet that is as natural as possible. In the kitchen, try to use more spices to reduce the need for salt and maybe try to use gomasio, which halves the sodium, without affecting the flavor of the food.

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7.  Eat more avocados

Fruits such as avocado are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which help counteract the spikes in blood sugar, leading to fat accumulation in the abdominal area. In Italy, we can find organic avocado fruits of national production from Sicily, both in supermarkets and gas.

8.  Introduce seeds into your diet

Even the seeds, especially sunflower, flaxseed, or hemp seed, are strong in monounsaturated fatty acids. If you don’t like fruits like avocado, remember that these fatty acids are also present in extra virgin olive oil and the ” seeds of health, “just like sunflower seeds, which are easy to add to your diet in small daily quantities. , at breakfast with muesli, to dress salads, rice, or pasta (better to choose wholemeal so that it contains fiber).

9.  Drink a lot and stay hydrated How to get a flat stomach

Good hydration is critical to ensure intestinal regularity. So don’t forget to drink, even between meals. In addition to water, you can choose herbal teas, perhaps relaxing. Which will help you fight stress and carve out a moment for yourself. Hydration and intestinal regularity go hand in hand. Maybe your tummy isn’t exactly flat because of your lazy bowel. In some cases, to stimulate it and facilitate the passage of waste materials, it is recommended to drink more.

10.  Avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks How to get a flat stomach

Alcohol, especially if present in excess in the diet. Can increase cortisol levels. Which are likely to accumulate fat in the abdomen. Better to opt for soft drinks such as water and fresh juices, but not for fizzy drinks. Which causes bloating and excess sugar.

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