How to make simple syrup?

How to make simple syrup?

It is a form of sugar but dissolves in water and liquid form. There is no need to buy simple syrup from the market; you can also make it at home without any difficulties. You can realize how easy it is to make that syrup by the name. Most people don’t know that it can be made easily at home, so they buy this simple syrup. It is said to be an essential ingredient in cocktails and other beverages. It mixed with other liquids so well; especially, it dissolved more quickly than the simple sugar. It is used to sweeten the fruits, and mostly, it is used in the baking process. It is mostly sprinkled throughout the cake before topping cake with cream and chocolate.

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How to make simple syrup?

You need only water and sugar for making this simple syrup. Just take any cooking pot and add water to it. There is no need to measure the water. You can take it as much as you need. Add water and let it boil. You don’t need to cook it thoroughly. So, you can heat it and then add sugar to it. You can also add sugar, but it is good to heat the water before adding the sugar. Stir the water when you add the sugar, and it will mix in water easily. Let it cool, add it to the container, and store it in the refrigerator. It can be stored for two to three weeks.

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Other than the chefs, most people love baking for fun and as a hobby. It is mostly used for baking purposes. Bakers used it for moisturizing the cake before decorating. Brush syrup over the cake and let the syrup soak into the sponge. It will moisten the cake, and you will find it easy to frost the cake after posting it with sugar or simple syrup.

Bottom Line

Often you find it difficult to dissolve the sugar in beverages, for this simple syrup works as the best substitute. It can be dissolved easily in cold drinks, so you don’t have to wait for the sugar to mix well. For a thicker syrup, you have to adjust the quantity of water or sugar. Most bartenders prefer to add a 2:1 sugar to water ratio. The thickness of water depends on the amount of sugar you add. The more sugar you add, the thicker the syrup you get.

Apart from using this for cooking stuff, it is also used by girls for waxing their bodies. It is painful but easy to make at home. Just add water and a high quantity of sugar and add lemon juice. Make a thick paste of sugar. Rub it into the area which you want to wax and remove it. Let the wax cool down unless you burn yourself badly. Many things around us can be used for many purposes. Don’t waste your money on something which can be made easily at home. Give them and try to make them at home.

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