How to plant onions?

How to plant onions?

Onions are the most important ingredient in the kitchen. There are different types of onions with their unique flavor. How to plant onions? Onions are ripped in summer while it is sown in winter. If you want to grow your onions follow the steps given below.

step 1 

First of all, you have to decide if you want to grow onions from sets or seeds. We recommend growing onions from sets because growing onions from seed is a long and time taking process as compared to growing onions from sets. but if you have a desire to grow onions from seed you have to plant a seed in a container filled with fertile soil. plant seed 1 inch deep in the soil and plant it in a straight row. Water the soil to keep it moist. keep in mind that onions need direct sunlight to grow so it is essential to plant them in that area where sunlight remains for maximum time. After two weeks you can see that green shoots have started to grow outside. After six weeks you can transplant them outdoors.

step 2

Transplant the seedling in fertile soil 4 to 5 inches apart from each other. leave the green shoot above the soil. if you are growing onions from onion sets. Plant onions in rows 4 to 5 inches apart from each other and 2 to 3 inches deep in the soil. The onions ripped after 100 to 125 days. visit here

step 3 

It is essential to keep your plant safe from weeds and other insects. You should use a fertilizer that prevents the plant from many diseases and grows the plant healthier. Moreover, onions require minerals from the soil and enough nourishment is necessary for a healthier growing onion plant. Chemical fertilizer helps a lot in this regard.

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step 4 

If the onions are sown from January to February they get ripped and produce bulbs from May to July. If you want green onions you have to pick them when they have pencil size green shoots. When the plant gets bigger and the steps are beginning to weaken and fall off it means that the bulb of the onion is ready and dried. Pull the plant out of the soil and leave it for 2 days to dry. After this remove the shoots and store them in baskets.

step 5 

Store onions in a dry cool and dark place like the basement and garage. avoid storing whole onions in refrigerators. Onions have papery skin that prevents them from absorbing moisture. If you store whole onions in the refrigerator they can absorb moisture there easily and soon become mushy and spoiled. Moreover, you can store chopped or sliced onions in the refrigerator.

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