How to quit drinking?

How to quit drinking?

While having any stressful situation, you choose to drink because you believe it is a fun way to deal with depression and anxiety. Even some people think drinking is the only solution to keep the stress and depression away for some time. Drinking isn’t a solution, also if you drink excessively, you might start facing some serious health issues, and that’s when you have to quit your drinking that has become your habit. But before digging into how you can stop drinking, let’s read some severe health issues that might change your mind if you are not taking your quitting decision seriously. In the following article, we get to know about How to quit drinking? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

You can face short term and long term health issues; here are some of them;

  • Violence, disputes with family and near ones, 
  • Liquor poisoning, miscarriage, or premature birth.
  • Mental disorders increase in depression that can lead to suicide. 
  • Your immune system is getting weaker and weaker due to excessive alcohol 
  • And the worst situation is alcohol independence that can lead to any criminal activity which can ruin your life. 

I hope you’ve cleared your mind now; it’s challenging but not impossible. You can easily cope with your drinking habit by following the below tips.

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Motivate your self

Take a deep breath, and think about the drawbacks and health issues you are facing or might face in the future if you wouldn’t stop drinking now. Tell yourself that you can do this. Nobody can help you if you don’t clear your mind and make a solid decision. Do not let the hindrances keep you from achieving your goals. Many people succeeded this after many unsuccessful attempts. Don’t give up. 

Cut off the wrong people from your life.

Make a plan to avoid drinking alcohol when you’re likely to think of drinking as a way to celebrate holidays or during holidays. Keep track of your emotions. It is possible to be feeling sad or depressed and want to drink. You can develop innovative and healthy strategies to deal with stress if you think positively. Cut off every person who encourages you to drink and learn how to say no? politely. 

Spend quality time with loved ones

Go for a morning walk with mom or dad or take part in a physical game(badminton would be perfect, choose whatever you like), spend quality time with your best friend at a restaurant, or watch a movie with the family. These are some healthy habits that’ll help you to avoid negative thoughts. These could be great alternatives to drinking, such as painting, board games, or playing instruments. 

Estimate your achievements

Include information regarding your location, the type of drink you consumed, and the most critical factor; quantity. Estimate your success rate against drinking and set your next week with a more strict schedule. Eliminate bars from home; this reduces the possibility of getting drunk. Track your alcohol consumption; start by lessening the drink count you consume, and slowly you’ll be able to quit it.

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