How to unblock a sink?

How to unblock a sink

Drains tend to become clogged over time due to food residues or limescale. How to unblock a sink Let’s see some of the most effective remedies for gushing out drains that can replace chemicals, which are very harmful to health and the environment.

The clogged kitchen sink is a small and trivial domestic problem that each of us has encountered at least once in our life, also because we often do not pay attention to what ends up in the drain.

To unclog the clogged kitchen sink without resorting to chemicals on the market in any supermarket, you can use natural products that you probably have at home. It takes very little to unclog the drains naturally and without wasting money on expensive products, which are dangerous for your health and the environment.

For these reasons, it is good to opt for natural solutions and free the domestic plumbing with alternative remedies to chemicals whenever this annoying problem occurs. Let’s see what they are.


This method is particularly effective in cases where some material that cannot be dissolved, such as a piece of plastic, is blocking the sink pipes. It is essential to apply a lot of pressure with the plunger, pouring boiling water from time to time in the pot to help clear the drain.

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To make this procedure even more effective, it is advisable to use a metal stick. The ones commonly used are the so-called metal spirals. Alternatively, you can help yourself with wire or even iron for knitting.

Baking soda and salt

The second remedy for unblocking the sink pipes is to use salt and baking soda. Therefore, it is a straightforward and common solution to clear hydraulic traffic jams using natural ingredients, avoiding pollution.

Just pour four tablespoons of coarse salt into the drains and immediately afterward four tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate,  then pour in some boiling water previously heated in a pot. To keep the drain clean, you can repeat this operation at least once a month.

Baking soda and vinegar

If the traffic jam is not severe, those who prefer more straightforward solutions can adopt the third method by creating a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Once combined, these two ingredients give life to a powerful gushing that helps free the sink drain.

However, if the problem persists, increase the quantity of the ingredients, also pouring a full glass of bicarbonate and at least half a liter of vinegar down the drain. You can also pour boiling water to increase its effectiveness. The problem should be solved in a few minutes. If not, try again with subsequent attempts.

Baking soda, salt, and vinegar

Another method to unclog the kitchen sink is to combine the two previous remedies, creating an even more powerful and effective mixture. Just pour coarse salt, baking soda, and vinegar into the kitchen drain, dosing the quantities according to the persistence of the problem.

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Again, to increase the effectiveness of the natural solution, pour boiling water after adding the bicarbonate, salt, and vinegar mixture.

Coarse salt and white wine vinegar How to unblock a sink

For less intense traffic jams, just use coarse salt and white vinegar. Fill the drain hole with five tablespoons of coarse salt, bring to a boil in two different pots half a liter of white wine vinegar and a liter of water. Pour the vinegar into the drain first, and then the boiling water and the sink will be accessible quickly.

This remedy will make your kitchen sink come back clean naturally, without damaging the plumbing.

Dish soap How to unblock a sink

Dishwashing detergent is also not to be underestimated as a method of unblocking drainage jams. Generally. How to unblock a sink The pipes, especially in the kitchen. Can become clogged due to grease or food residues that accumulate as you wash the dishes.

Pour a glass of dishwashing liquid. Leave it on for about half an hour so that the traffic jam can move or dissolve. Add a liter of boiling water little by little to facilitate the operation. Opt for an ecological detergent to make the unblocking of pipes natural and not harmful to the environment.

Shampoo and shower gel How to unblock a sink

Another possible remedy involves pouring half a glass of shower gel or shampoo along the drains. How to unblock a sink Letting them act for hours. And then pouring hot water to complete the operation effectively.

Also, in this case. To make the pipes free from obstructions in a natural and non-polluting way, use ecological shower gel and shampoo. How to unblock a sink Commercial soap, shower gel. And shampoo may contain non-biodegradable substances. Which damage the environment.

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