How to get rid of mice?

How to get rid of mice

The mouse as a pest

Yes, the little rodents are cute. But that doesn’t change the fact that mice, just like rats, are pests of hygiene and health. How to get rid of mice Those who tolerate them as sub-tenants in the basement or garden run a health risk and must be prepared for damage to cables and electrical systems. In addition, a pair of mice can become a whole colony in no time at all. So the only question left is: what to do about mice in the house?

How do mice get into the house?

Mice can swim, climb and squeeze through the minor cracks and crevices. If there is any way into your house or apartment, the little rodents will find it. The most common “entry points” include tiny gaps or cracks in the masonry  (mostly near windows and doors), open basement windows, and poorly insulated roof trusses. While the wild house mouse is exceptionally comfortable in your basement and pantry, field mice and voles can wreak havoc in your garden.

Material and eating damage by mice

What do mice like to eat most? Answer: simply everything! And this is precisely where the problem lies: they gnaw their way through a well-stocked pantry just as quickly as through  PVC, electrical systems, and devices. The following material damage is to be expected in the event of a mouse infestation:

  • Short circuits, machine failures, and fires caused by eating damage to cables and electrical systems
  • Cracking of furniture, clothing, books, files & Co.
  • Loss of data due to material damage to servers, distribution boxes, etc.
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Defense against mice in the house

In some ways, mice in the house are even worse than mice in the garden. In the worst case, voles can destroy your harvest and cause considerable damage to the roots of your plants. Still, the mouse in the house contaminates all food within a short time and represents an enormous health risk for you, your family, and your pets. Animals don’t become a whole colony, and you have to act quickly. We have  summarized the  most effective (home) remedies for mouse repellent:

  • Defense against mice by poison
  • Defense against mice through smells
  • Protection against mice by ultrasound
  • Catching Mice (Life Traps and Snap Traps)
  • Cats versus mice

How do I get rid of mice?

 1. Defense against mice with poison

First things first: Mouse poisons and food baits are not only dangerous for small rodents. Anyone who uses biocides to combat a mouse infestation also risks the death of other small animals living in the wild (e.g., moles, which are under nature protection) or cats and dogs in the same household. In addition, the corresponding toxins are also toxic to humans. Therefore, the use of poisonous substances should be left to the exterminator, as he is familiar with the legal requirements and can better assess whether the mice can not be driven away poison-free.

2. Defense against mice through smells

To drive away mice free of toxins, you can rely on solid aromas, for example. Unpleasant odors for mice are, for example, essential oils (such as chamomile and mint), turpentine, and (used) cat litter. You can position the cat litter in small cotton bags along the walkways. Cotton scraps soaked in turpentine and peppermint spoil their nesting places for the mice. Certain plants (garlic, thyme, dill, imperial crown, or black elder) drive away from the tiny rodents.

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3. Mice defense by ultrasound How to get rid of mice

A fantastic idea: protection against mice using ultrasound. Since ultrasound is inaudible to humans but highly uncomfortable to all types of mice, it sounds like the perfect means of defense against mice. However, the whole thing only works on a small area  (e.g., the pantry). The weaker the signal, the less sensitive the mice become. The purchase costs for a  single device are between € 10 and € 50.  The mouse repeller can become a costly investment in a massive rodent problem.

4. Catch mice How to get rid of mice

You can use either life or snap traps to catch mice. Both types of mousetrap must be checked several times a day so that the animals do not die in agony. How to get rid of mice If you want to see the mice alive, be sure to release them at least 15 km away from where you live. Otherwise, they will come back. By the way: catching mice only works if all access to other food sources is closed. Otherwise, the mice will not touch the bait (e.g., peanut butter).

5. When the cat is out of the house How to get rid of mice

… are the mice dancing on the table? Is it correct! The best, cheapest, and most effective means of repelling mice in the house and yard is still the good old house tiger. How to get rid of mice Because of their innate hunting instinct, cats immediately go on the prowl and are quite capable of solving a (small) mouse problem. Plus point: The smell of cats prevents other animals from settling with you.

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