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Play online roulette games for real money. Best online roulette internet casinos at roulette gamblers. All we players are welcome! How to choose an optimal betting strategy in gambling there is a fairly limited number of strategies, and each can on its own to determine the optimal size of bets. The major ones we consider in this paper.

The most well known is the martingale system. Its essence is to double the bet when losing. Once you win, go back to the original rate. This system is very favorite players at best australia online casinos, and is used where you will get if i win a double bet.

Suppose you put one coin and lost. Then you put the two pieces already. Again the loss. Has four – and winning. Thus, in the end you still end up in positive territory (8-7 = 1) and win a piece. But this theory. In reality, however, are quite long losing series, which may lead you to bankruptcy. If you lose five hands in a row, you will need to 1963 chips (lost by 31 and the sixth rate of 32 chips), and for a series of six losses – already 127. In other words, you are putting in a geometric progression. You will be bankrupted in the case of long chains of losing hands.

In addition, the use of the martingale is also hampered by a limit on the amount of rates – the seventh-eighth step, the player simply will not do.

The second system is called anti martingale. Here, you double the bet when winning. After losing, you’re doing your original bet. This system – the inverse of the martingale system. This system also increases the risk for your winnings. Many players use it quite successfully. To pick and choose what you prefer.

As it should, roulette without zero meets players blatant lack sector zero, as in the game wheel, and in the field of betting. In all other respects – this is the usual table for steering, but without the zero sector, which is usually located at the top of the gaming field. The heart of the player creeps into question – everything is so easy with this game, as it seems at first sight.

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Features roulette without zero in the online casino unlike the standard roulette with one or two sectors of zero, the mathematical advantage of online casinos in the variant without zero reduced to almost zero. Thus, all your bets just physically cannot burn a roll of green sector – simply because it’s not there.

C on the other hand gambling house balances such generosity in the rules in another way. In this game there is a small fee for each spin, a fixed limit for each bet. The game of roulette without zero is not different from playing in other versions of this game, except that the player is worth in their strategies to try to cover a large part of the table, as it significantly increases the ratio of bid amount to the size of the fixed commission for the spin.

Roulette without zero – certainly a good marketing move brand new casino français en line, aimed at attracting serious players, enthusiasts of the game. Due to the significant decrease in the benefits of gambling houses, playing on such roulette takes a much more fascinating character, who will appreciate the big players – high rollers.


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