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This is another system with progressive bets. Its main feature – limited quantities of winning that you can win a fixed amount, and at this end on a australia casinos online today.

Bets are placed simultaneously on two dozen, and on fallen over the last two back. If twice had the same dozen bet miss and waiting for two different drops out. Zero also doesn’t believe we are only interested in two different dozen that fell in a row. If one dozen dropped three times, then put the other two. Losing the first bet – do not put the same dozen or so, if lost the second bet, then the third time we put on the same dozen or so, but the last time.

If one of the bets won, the whole process starts from the beginning – we put on two different dozen dropped out last time. The game continues until such time as they reach the limit win, as soon as it happened – you can continue playing until the next day.

How to play?

Begin with, write the number 1. Then make bets on each dozen of unity. The first bet is won? Contours of the unit – your winnings are equal to this number. The bet of lost? To unity on both sides ascribe all of one and put the two on a dozen, that is, bet should be equal to the sum of the two extremes in the series including (1 +1 equals 2). The second bet is won? Should be crossed out the two extreme figures, the rest is not circled one is the value of our bid. If the second bet, too, lost, then we assign to deuce on the edges and the size of the next bet is equal to 4 (the sum of the two extreme numbers) per dozen. The game continues in the same way – cross out the extreme numbers, if you win and attribute, if lost. Each time the bet will be equal to the sum of the extreme numbers (not crossed out). Once the first unit is outlined in a circle, start counting from the beginning and go on a line below.

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With what to play?

Well, if you have a capital of 50 units, while the daily bet of winning casino games usa will be equal to 5 units. Win an additional 50 units you can in 10 days. Start-up capital of 50 units in this case could be postponed and played on the winnings by increasing the bet in half.

As i wrote above, the amount of commission on each bet is strictly fixed and depends on the limit of the table where you are. Thus, the commission casino roulette free zero starts at $ 0.05 per bet at the low limits, and up to $ 5 for the game at maximum rates at a table for the vip-players. Knowing this, you can imagine in advance what strategy you should follow in this unique game.


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