The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Dental Implant Surgeon

Important Questions to Ask Your Dental Implant Surgeon

So you’ve just found out that the dental problem you have will require dental implant surgery to correct your smile, but you’re worried about your surgeon. You must work with a dental implant surgeon who has the experience, reputation, and credentials to ensure the best outcome. Finding one that fits the bill and who you are comfortable with can be a difficult task. 

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a quality dental implant surgeon in Santa Monica, there are plenty of options available to you. However, to make the best choice for your dental health, you need to be well-informed about dental implant surgery and the surgeon who will be administering it. 

You want to ensure that your dental implant surgery is a successful and positive experience for you, which is why you need to ask specific questions related to the experience, credentials, and reputation of the surgeon to ensure that you have made the correct choice. 

If you’re getting dental implant surgery for the first time, you need to knowwe are sharing  the most important questions you should ask your dental implant surgeon. Asking these questions to ensures you are getting  the best possible treatment and the highest quality care after the surgery. 

1. Does the Implant Surgeon Have Board Certification in their Specialty?

Not every dental surgeon performing dental implant surgeries will be trained equally. You need to ensure that your specialist has the required experience and advance training to provide you with the best treatment possible. Getting board certification in your specialty is an excellent indicator of your expertise and excellence, which patients can rely on. You need to ask the dental implant surgeon about board certifications in their specialty. 

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2. Did the Implant Surgeon Receive Comprehensive Training on Dental Implant Procedures?

You will find that most dentists who are performing dental implant procedures have only attended an introductory course on dental implants. That’s not good enough because it takes years of experience and hundreds to thousands of implant surgeries to obtain the necessary expertise. You want to ensure that you’re only getting implants done once, which is why you want them done by a professional with the required formal training to do it properly. 

3. Have the Implant Surgeon kept Up with the Latest Advancements in Technology?

It’s essential to have a comprehensive treatment and diagnosis plan for dental implants. You need to ask the implant specialist about what course they have undertaken. Even dental implant surgeons can fall behind their training or become rusty over time. They need to take renewal courses regularly to stay abreast with the latest technology and techniques in the dental industry. You need to ask the implant surgeon about what dental implant courses they have attended in the past couple of years. 

4. How Much Experience Does the Implant Surgeon Have in Dental Implant Surgery?

You want to select a dental implant specialist who has plenty of experience under their belt to ensure that you will be getting a high-quality and efficient surgery. It also improves the outcome of your surgery and ensures that you will be getting a successful result in the end. Therefore, you need to determine how many years the implant surgeon has been performing the dental implant surgery and how many procedures have they successfully performed. 

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5. Do They Use Modern Technology in the Procedure?

Most dentists don’t use the best implants with a proven track record and numerous studies that support a proven level of predictability and success. You want the best results possible from your procedure, which is you should research the best dental implants and the modern technology used in these procedures. Ask the dental implant specialist what dental implant procedure they recommend and why you are a good candidate for it. 

6. Will You Be Offered a Comprehensive Diagnostic Workup in the Treatment?

The more information your dental implant surgeon has, the better care they can provide you. It’s essential to determine if the dentist obtains your complete history, conducts a thorough clinical examination, and uses X-rays. You will find that the best dental implant specialists will be thorough when researching your current state and medical history. You must ask them what will be included in your dental implant treatment plan. 

7. Can the Implant Specialist Share Photos of Their Work?

You need to ask if you view the before and after photos of the dentist’s work. When you see completed cases, you can determine the quality of the specialist and put your mind at ease. The photographic examples of the implant specialist will allow you to see the final result you can expect from your dental implant surgery. 

8. Can You Review Referrals and Testimonials from Other Patients?

Apart from the end product images, you should find out if there are any testimonials and referrals from other patients. That will allow you to find out what kind of experiences they have had with this implant specialist. You can also discover the abilities and strengths of the dental implant surgeon, and this information can be easily found online easily. 

You may also ask for the names of patients who will be willing to talk with you and discuss their experiences about the implant surgery with the implant surgeon performing your procedure. 

Get in Touch with Highly Qualified Oral and Dental Implant Surgeons in Santa Monica

Finding an excellent dental implant surgeon in Santa Monica doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Knowledge is power, and if you ask the right questions, your chances of having a positive result for dental implant surgery that results in a beautiful smile will be greater. You can get in touch with Santa Monica Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Care who have been serving Santa Monica for more than 40 years.


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