This takes perfect suspension for a perfectly smooth ride.

This takes perfect suspension for a perfectly smooth ride.
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If you can just drive the car and know nothing about the maintenance requirements, you probably need a bit more of learning as only driving doesn’t make you a wise driver. Car maintenance is a whole separate story. You need to be pretty kind and compassionate to your car if you want it to never deceive you while on the road.

There are a bunch of factors that must be inspected with intervals to ensure the better health of your vehicle. Apart from the engine and the transmission, the car suspension itself is a widespread phenomenon. This may apparently seem like an ordinary concern but if neglected, this could not only tear down your tires but may also escalate the other related issues.

Here in this article, we are going to have a detailed discussion on what suspension actually is, how it works, how many types are there and why this is important for your car. After reading this article, you would be more concerned about your car’s suspension more than ever before.  

The essence of suspension.

The harmony between the road and tires is provided by the suspension system of a car or any other vehicle. Whenever a vehicle passes through a bumpy or uneven road, this is again the very suspension system that allows the rider to enjoy a nice ride.

Apparently this sounds like something very ordinary that drivers may ignore when compared to other systems. But on the whole, this is a key system that is important to ensure a smooth ride. If any issue arises out of this system, this could further escalate the rest of the attached parts and systems as well.

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Categorization of suspension systems in place.

The suspension is technically the system of chassis, steering, shock absorbers, and tires. More or less, these are the components that constitute the suspension system in every vehicle. Further, the suspension type of the car can be categorized as,

Dependent Suspension

Independent Suspension

In a dependent suspension, there is a rigid connection between the two tires as they are interconnected. The force impacting one tire would also impact the other tire as well. While the independent suspension system contrary to this, allows both tires to move vertically independently. There are different design categories of a car’s suspension that are

Mac Pherson Strut

Push Rod Suspension

Solid Axle Beam Suspension.

The mechanism.

We usually see giant springs below the cars, these are actually long flexible bars installed on wheels to absorb the shocks. This was the classic shape of shock absorbers that were further improved and substituted with new shock absorbers that worked on different mechanisms altogether.

There has been a long exploration for better suspension options where engineers have experimented with long bars, hydraulic springs and a couple of more. Still, nothing was better than the natural design of a wishbone suspension system. Since the advent of this specific system, this revolutionized the entire motor industry and proved to be a threshold of a new era of luxury and comfort in the car manufacturing industry.

A wishbone suspension system actually replicates the natural design of the wishbone of a bird. The same level of flexibility is instilled into this modern system that allows a lot more comfortable drive. A wishbone suspension system actually consists of two shaped arms. The driveshaft needs to be essentially synchronized with the suspension to ensure smooth running.

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The driveshaft is designed in such a manner to allow the free vertical movement. The same applies to the steering as well. After reading this article the concept behind the suspension would have been crystal clear in your mind and most probably you would be paying more heed to your car’s suspension system in the future.