Tips To Make Viral And Effective Memes


If you are a regular user of social networks, surely you will not need to tell you what a meme is. If you want some tips to create viral and effective memes, you are in the right place.

A meme is a message with a humorous tone, usually composed of an image and a text. Although it can be a video or only text, the best is that they are visual.

Memes are very successful, and you can find them on a daily basis regardless of the social network you use. It’s not just about making humor. They are also a channel to transmit culture. You can find memes on any subject. Some will seek only to entertain. But others will contribute some social criticism. And how are the messages going to penetrate better than with a large dose of humor?

In the age of communication, immediacy, brevity and virality are key to achieving skillful and effective entertainment communication. Memes fit this model very well.

Therefore, they are one of the valuable resources for the distribution of culture today. If it is attractive, it will circulate at high speed, reaching a very high level of popularity.

Images are very important when talking about memes. Usually, a meme is an image or a gif accompanied by a short text that is the one that conveys the main idea. Many times, the issue of the meme is related to the real problems of people, by personal situations or specific times. Some examples of this are:

1.- Student life

The student’s life is usually one of the most common victims of internet humor. Exams, group work, and classes are what students care most about. So they use all their imagination and creativity to have a good time. What better way to relieve the stress of exams or classes than to dedicate a meme to them?

2.- Labor situation

Unemployment and job insecurity are also often the protagonists of many viral memes. This response to a concrete reality that many people live. With one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, it is no wonder that people are letting go of their creative side.

Thus, memes about the life of the worker are usually very successful because it is an area in which all people are reflected whether they work or not.

3.- Memes as a social or political complaint

Memes are so effective in conveying messages that even political parties have already started using them in their campaigns. They have realized that they are contents that usually present a high rate of virality.

As a political strategy, they also serve to win the sympathy of the people and link them emotionally to their party.

In addition, it is a way for politicians to be closer to society and its problems. Although this does not always go well for them, and sometimes the image of the party ends up being damaged.

4.- Memes and brands

Brands are no stranger to the success of memes. They are very attractive content, quick to consume, and they tend to make people laugh. Why shouldn’t brands use them in their advertising campaigns?

In addition, launching a meme that is attractive and wants to be shared at the right time is the biggest challenge that brands face.

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What to avoid when creating memes

But before focusing on the tips to create viral memes, it is interesting to see what works the worst when it comes to creating content that leads to success. Sometimes it is impossible to determine why something works or why not. But here are some issues to keep in mind:

When making a meme, if you want to get viral, you should avoid swearing. It is a fact, tacos are not usually well received by the public and have less chance of being shared.

On the other hand, the image and text have to always be related. If you fail at this, the meme will be meaningless.

In addition, copyright is something you need to pay attention to. Memes are digital content exposed to distribution and, therefore, are also subject to copyright laws. Most of the images also come from movies or television shows. If a person wanted to register the meme, they could not since they are not the material author of it.

Regarding the distribution, if the image has not been modified, its author must be attributed. But if the design has been changed or a new text has been included, this attribution will not be necessary.

There are thousands of examples of viral memes loose on the net. In fact, today, we are witnessing the appearance of blogs and social profiles that are exclusively dedicated to it. One of the best known is Cabronazi. On his Facebook page, the most abundant content is memes. Although they also share curious and funny news.

Getting people to entertain and make them laugh is usually not that easy. Also, keep in mind that each person is different. What may seem funny to one may even offend another.

So, if you want to generate effective content that is shared and make people laugh, be sure to follow this series of tips to create viral memes:

1.- Observe other memes that circulate on the network

One of the first tips to create viral memes that you should follow is to look at others that have also gone viral. This will give you an idea of what is most successful.

In addition, you can also check if your idea has already been used before and how. Watching what others do is usually a very good habit of creative people since you can draw a lot of inspiration from what others have done.

2-. Be aware of trends

Keanu Reeves is back in fashion, and memes are unforgiving of his rise in popularity. Thus, a whole repertoire of humorous images about the actor has come to light. Some with absurd reflections on life, hinting at their best-known role in The Matrix. Other memes that have risen to popularity are about the character from his latest movie, John Wick.

The truth is that if you want to get it right when making a meme, you should not stop looking at what themes are in fashion. It transmits information about the present day by making fun of it. Following the trend is one of the best tips to create memes that you can take into account.

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3.- Choose the topic and tools to work on

If you have finished the research phase, it is time for you to choose the topic on which you are going to make the meme. The simplest thing is that you choose something that you like or feel identified with.

Making a meme about a movie that you have not seen will not be easy. So it is preferable that you take something from your daily life and be able to see yourself reflected. So, this is another of the tips to create viral memes.

Another type of image that always tends to work well when you run out of ideas is those of funny animals. They serve a multitude of subjects and arouse sympathy in people. If you want to go further, you can use a public figure or famous person. Everyone will recognize it, and it will be easier for you to generate engagement.

As for tools, the meme generator can be found by a simple google search. There are many free ones. FlexClip meme maker could be a great one you can use for free.

4.- Choose the type of meme

In the list of tips to create viral memes, I could not fail to mention the choice of the meme format. The most common are those of static images. However, gifs are also very successful. Seeing a looped action repeated with a funny message attracts more people. So these kinds of memes are being used more and more.

The choice of the format will depend in part on the channel through which you are going to distribute it. Gifs are usually successful. But you have to know that Instagram, for example, does not allow direct uploading of gif files but must be converted into the video before uploading them.

5.- Best short texts

Another tip to create viral memes that can be very useful is to ensure that the texts that accompany the images are as short as possible. You are not telling an ordinary joke.

It is a small humorous text supported by an image. If the text takes up a lot of space in the publication, it is quite likely that it will not get the virality you are looking for.

6.- Use irony and adapt the language

The last of the tips to create viral memes to take into account is to try to adapt the language to the message you want to convey. Remember that many people do not like bad words in memes. The foul language is usually more used by young people, but if you do intelligent humor, the tacos have no place in it.

Using irony and exaggeration is a good ingredient in getting people to have a good time. If we talk about exaggeration, it is possible that Chuck Norris is the absolute protagonist of this type of memes.

As you can see, memes have a huge presence today on all kinds of platforms. Social networks are nurtured daily by thousands of these contents. Companies, organizations and political parties use them in their digital marketing campaigns with great success.


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