The best hair dryers of 2021

Best Hair Dryer

5 Decisive factors for choosing the Best Hair Dryer

  1. Power

Power is undoubtedly the essential factor to consider when evaluating a hairdryer’s purchase because it is precisely on this that the performance of the appliance and the duration of its life depends. When we talk about power, we refer to the sum of three elements that determine the speed and effectiveness of a hairdryer’s performance: the  Watts, the type of motor, and the airflow rate. Let’s see the description of each of these elements precisely:


The number of Watts that a hairdryer has indicated a straightforward principle, according to which the more significant the power, the faster your appliance will dry your hair. The wattage can vary considerably. In fact, on the market, we find domestic use models that range from a minimum of about 700 W to a maximum of about 2400 W, while some professional models can have even a higher value.

Obviously, with increasing power, performance increases, but so does the appliance’s cost and the consumption it will produce during its use. The ideal wattage recommended by hairstylists for fast drying results is at least 1800-1850 W.

Here is an example of a 2300W hairdryer in operation: 

Furthermore, it is necessary to specify that there is no specific power value for each type of hair, but, in general, it is essential to pay attention to the wattage if you are interested in minimizing drying times, perhaps because you have thick and very thick hair. Long, or because you want to make an exact fold and need a certain hot air jet speed.

If you have concise, thin hair or are not interested in drying it quickly, the watt value indeed becomes much less relevant, and even a 1000/1300 W hairdryer is already more than enough to achieve your goal.


The type of motor found inside a hairdryer can be substantial of three types indicated with the abbreviations EC, AC, and DC. In the following list, we see in detail all the strengths and weaknesses of each of these varieties:

EC motor

It is the most modern operating technology of a hairdryer because it is a digital motor in which the mechanisms are activated electronically. The price of this type of equipment is very high but justified by the power and longevity of the product without comparisons, up to 10,000 hours, which is five times greater than the AC type engine, already compelling and suitable for professional use.

AC motor

It is a type of alternating current motor explicitly designed for professional hair dryers that need to sustain high performance, operating continuously and in a compelling way. In concrete terms, an AC-type engine can produce high air pressure, making the appliance very effective, with a useful life of about 2000 hours and with a more massive structure.

DC motor

These are models that work with direct current and their performances. However, very good, have an air pressure lower than AC motors, and is characterized by an average duration of about 1200 hours and a much more manageable and light structure.

Therefore, today it is the most popular AC type on the market because it is placed at a higher level regarding the longevity of the hairdryer and its power, keeping a much lower price than the technological and innovative EC motor. The DC type is still robust and suitable for domestic; it tends to be shorter but, as an advantage, smaller weight and size.

Airflow rate

This element consists of the amount of air that a hairdryer can push outwards over a given period. It is a value strictly related to the power expressed in Watts, as the two weights ​​are directly proportional: the more powerful a hairdryer is, the faster it will produce an energetic and abundant jet of air. This value is generally measured in cubic meters per hour, although many manufacturers choose to express only the jet speed in km per hour.

We have a fairly wide variation for this data, which becomes higher in professional hairdryers to become average in those for domestic use and some cases, such as travel hairdryers. In very economical ones, the airflow rate is meager and makes it possible to carry out only a prolonged drying but indeed more delicate.

  1. Hair wellness

Hair health is a factor not to be neglected in the choice of a tool such as a hairdryer that is placed in contact with the hair very frequently, using a jet of hot heat which, as is well known, is an element that risks damage, and not a little, the scalp.

To overcome these problems, some hairdryers provide for the use of certain materials or systems that serve to preserve the hair’s well-being, trying to limit the damage caused by thermal stress as much as possible and giving them shine and softness.

These precautions are essential to ensure the purchase of a hairdryer that is not only powerful but also attentive to the health of our hair, and are, generally, a prerogative of products with an average price to go up: travel models and very economical and essential do not include this type of elements and, therefore, it would be better to avoid them or use them infrequently.

Let’s see in detail in the following two paragraphs what they are the two central systems that hairdryers are equipped with to preserve the well-being of our hair.

In technology

An ion hair dryer is equipped with an internal mechanism which, by emitting negative ions, can “break” the water molecules into smaller particles, allowing faster drying but, at the same time, allowing the hair it is dried to keep a certain degree of humidity inside which translates, in concrete terms, into a more hydrated and soft hair. Furthermore, the ions also help avoid the annoying electrostatic effect widespread with the use of the hairdryer and make the hair shinier.

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Ceramic or tourmaline coating

The hairdryers with ceramic and tourmaline coating are similar to the traditional ones. Still, they exploit the advantages derived from using these two materials to coat the grille, which is located inside the end from which the air jet is delivered. Best air purifier. In this way, the airflow coming from the hairdryer motor first passes through the grille coated with these materials that filter the hot air emitted, reducing its harmful effects on the hair.

Specifically, the ceramic helps to keep the temperature of the air jet of the hairdryer constant and to distribute the heat evenly. This avoids damaging the hair and leaves it less dry or brittle than models that do not use this material.

The tourmaline, however, is distinguished because it possesses the ability to emit a high amount of negative ions, which makes the hair visibly much shinier. Coating in other materials

Some hair dryers couple another material to the ceramic to cover the internal grille to enhance the protective effect further. We can find models that include other materials beneficial for hair health, such as keratin, silk proteins, or natural pearl.

One system does not necessarily exclude the other. A good hairdryer can be equipped with both ion technology and a ceramic and tourmaline coating and other materials, thus guaranteeing truly high and satisfying protection well-being of the hair.

  1. Functions

A factor that makes the difference in quality and, above all, in the price range of a hairdryer are the functions that this can offer to the user. Furthermore, based on how many and which types of operations a device has, it will also be possible to identify the model that best suits your needs.

Below is a list of the main functions of hair dryers:

Temperature selection

A hairdryer must allow you to adjust different temperature levels, raising and lowering them according to the circumstances. Depending on the hair’s quality on which the styling takes place, it is good to select the most appropriate degree of heat, as it is not recommended to use high temperatures on very thin, damaged, or brittle hair following treatments such as dyes or other colors. At the same time, it is necessary to select a higher temperature when you have to work on thick hair with long and extensive hair.

The more expensive models and the professional ones are certainly the most attentive to hair health and select between 4 different temperatures. On the other hand, the mid-range products usually provide three different heat levels, which is indicated as the optimal minimum value by professionals in the sector. Finally, the most essential and economical products have only two heat levels or even no selection possible.

Speed ​​selection

This function is very similar to the temperature selection and consists of the personalized adjustment of the speed with which the hairdryer delivers the hot air jet. Unlike the heat selection, the speed setting is not only used to avoid damaging the hair. But above all to adapt the air supply to the type of hairstyle you want to achieve.

(in some cases, there is a need for a powerful jet of air to give a particular shape to the lock). To the time you want to spend on the drying operation and finally. To the thickness of the hair which. Suppose larger will require a more abundant airflow to reduce the time of using the hairdryer Cold shot. A button on the hairdryer’s handle allows you to activate this function, which is very useful for those who use the hairdryer to create hairstyles.

Lower-Price Products: Best Hair Dryer

The button allows you to give a short shot of cold air on the locks just worked with the hot air. This fast hard jet has a dual function of fixing the styling and making the hair colder. And therefore manageable with the fingers to give them the desired shape. The best blood pressure monitors. This feature is practically always included in mid-range and up-front hairdryers. In contrast, it is missing in travel models, more essential ones, and lower-price products.

Other extras: some very sophisticated and innovative models characterized by other extra functions, which serve to embellish the hairdryer and make its use as simple and automated as possible. This is the case, for example, of the sensor for automatic adjustment of the optimal temperature, through which some hair dryers can constantly detect the degrees of the hot air jet and make the heat constant so as not to damage the hair due to being too hot. Other models are equipped with an LCD that makes selecting and viewing settings much more precise and immediate.

  1. The practicality of use: Best Hair Dryer

Under this factor, we have chosen to group all those characteristics. That makes a hairdryer very comfortable and practical to use in different conditions. We are referring, in fact, to the set of some elements that make the appliance easy. To handle and others that make it easier, for example. To place it in your bathroom or to transport it.

The first thing to consider when choosing a hairdryer is undoubted. Its size and weight since this kind of appliance must be held in hand. And sometimes, even for a long time. So it should be comfortable and straightforward to lift and handle.

Those interested in buying a travel hairdryer, for example. We will need a model that is as small and light as possible and that. Suppose possible foldable to placed in a suitcase and transported more easily. Instead, to make the styling operation even more accessible. You should pay attention to the length of the cable and make sure that it is also rotatable. To guarantee certain freedom of movement. Both when the drying operation is carried out on oneself or another person.

Hairdryer For Domestic Use: Best Hair Dryer

Simply storing the hairdryer is also essential. Especially if you have to buy a product for purely domestic use and, in this regard, the models have a hooking ring. Placed at the end of the hairdryer are certainly more practical. Then those that do not have it allow you to set the appliance on the wall. Or on any other hook inside the bathroom. Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned. You should always make sure that the hairdryer has removable. Rear grill that serves to clean the filter from any accumulation of dust or hair which. The passage of time and use is practically inevitable by removing them correctly and keeping the grid always free from such collections. It will be possible to ensure greater longevity. And the consistently high performance of the hairdryer motor.

  1. Accessories: Best Hair Dryer

The accessories a hairdryer can be equipped with are not very numerous. And probably do not represent the main factor that affects the choice of the model to buy. But it indeed constitutes an advantage that enriches the product and. Above all makes its practical use much more comfortable.

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For accessories, it is possible to apply the same principle concerning the functions of a hairdryer. The cheaper and more essential the hairdryer is. The fewer accessories will be supplied with it. We can mainly identify the following four categories of accessories that can be found in a hairdryer.

Air concentrators: Best Hair Dryer

They consist of nozzles mounted on the end of the hot air jet channel and serve to direct the airflow where you prefer to give the locks the desired shape and create a specific type of hairstyle. These concentrators can be narrow (about 11 mm) or very little (about 7 mm) and therefore even more precise. A professional hairdryer or a high or medium-high price range can most likely include both while it is much more common. Among the mid-range hair dryers. That only one concentrator is provided (usually the narrow type)

The following video shows you the difference between three different types of spouts:

Diffuser: Best Hair Dryer

This accessory is a specific nozzle for drying curly or wavy hair, which attaches to the end of the hairdryer to make the jet of airless aggressive and direct on the drying strands. This type of drying is ideal for wavy or curly hair that needs to be dried with a particular delicacy and not to ruin the curls’ waves. This accessory is less common to find supplied. Then the air conveyor spouts and, depending on the type of hairdryer. The diffuser can be more or less robust, ensuring a better effect—the most expensive or professional products. Often include a very effective diffuser, in the mid-range products the presence of this accessory. It is pretty widespread but very variable while. In the less expensive or travel models, its presence becomes rare.

Silencer: Best Hair Dryer

It consists of an accessory to reduce the hair dryer’s noise that is a prerogative of professional and more sophisticated and expensive models. It represents by a “box” mount on the rear grill of the appliance. Best budget gaming laptop. Which ables to reduce sound vibrations thanks to the materials it made of. Including rubber finishes, which isolate by about half the chaos caused by the hairdryer in action.

Travel case: this practical case to insert the travel hairdryer. And carry it or store it more efficiently is not very popular. So if you interest in owning it, you will need to make sure. That the model you plan to buy is provided.

Other factors to keep in mind when choosing a hairdryer.

Is the material important: Best Hair Dryer

In the case of a hairdryer, we could say that the materials used to produce it are necessary. But could even define as fundamental for several reasons. First of all, as we have seen before. The hair’s well-being is mainly given by the materials used for the internal coatings of the hairdryer and. Therefore, buying a hairdryer that does not include layers such as ceramic. Or tourmaline means giving up a significant ally to maintain the shiny and, above all, healthy hair.

Furthermore, this small appliance is a tool that uses high power and reaches scorching temperatures. It is essential to rely on brands that use top-quality materials. That does not cause any damage, and that does not get damaged due to the heat produced.

The excellent quality of the materials used. Moreover, also to found in the keys to operate the device. The handle should be ergonomic and firm. And in the cable, which should guarantee a good coating for safe use.

Is the brand important: Best Hair Dryer

There are many manufacturers on the market that deal with production. And the sale of hairdryers of different quality and price range. Why is it important to choose a brand that known and trusted? Indeed for the guarantee of the purchase of a hairdryer, that is not only efficient. But that can also be safe, thanks to the quality of the materials used to produce it. And the careful hand of expert technical personnel.

Furthermore, think about the fact that it is relying on a widespread and well-known company. Is also an advantage for the after-sales service. Both to find spare parts and to contact the customer assistance service, should it be necessary.

The optimal choice would therefore be to avoid giving in to the temptation to buy. An unknown product but always refer to renowned brands. Some of which have stood out for decades for the production of quality hairdryers. And for the attention paid to their consumers. Among the most common, we mention Parlux. Remington, Philips, Rowenta, Imetec, Braun, Babyliss, and Bosch.

Does the price matter: Best Hair Dryer

The price of a hairdryer can vary from around € 10 to about € 150. How can such a significant variation in cost be explained? We must be aware that the price is an indisputable indicator of this kind of product’s quality and performance. An expensive hairdryer. Will include a type of motor. Functions, power, and systems to safeguard the well-being of the hair that obviously. Models that cost half or less than half cannot insure in the same way.

It is therefore essential not to choose the hairdryer. Based on the amount you want to spend. But select it based on the use you intend. To make of it and the result you want to obtain.

Hairdryer For a Large Family: Best Hair Dryer

If, for example, you need to buy a hairdryer for a large family. Then you need a product that has a powerful motor and perhaps a wall attachment ring. So you will know that you will have to refer to models of the medium or medium price range. High If, on the other hand, you are looking for a small travel hairdryer. To use after training in the pool from time to time or. In general, an essential model without too many pretensions. Then you can quickly orient yourself to the purchase of a price range hairdryer. Low, and you will not be disappointed.


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