Difference Between Sheep and Lamb

Difference between lamb and sheep

Because both are domestic animals (sheep) and used for the same purpose to get meat, it can be a little confusing to understand the difference between lamb since people used these terms correspondingly and sheep because both look the same. The word sheep is usually an all ages term. The main difference between lamb and sheep is age, as the age of an animal can affect the tenderness and flavor of the meat. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between these two spices, lamb vs. sheep, to clear out our confusion.


Sheep is a woolly ruminant (herbivores) mammal that is over one year of age. Ideally, three years old. Sheep refers to the species Ovis Aries. The animal (Sheep) tends to have strong teeth as they feed on grass. It has an intense red color and contains a considerable amount of fat. 

Sheep were the first animal to be domesticated and still used for their abundant supply of meat, wool, and milk and have a high share in livestock. 

Today over one billion sheep are grazed in various countries all over the world, mostly in Australia, China, and the United Kingdom (U.K). The meat of sheep, commonly known as mutton, is most popular in Europe and the Middle East.

Lamb Difference between lamb and sheep

As we briefly explained about sheep in the previous paragraph. Now we are going to describe a lamb. Lamb is basically a subcategory of sheep. As we all know, the major difference between sheep and lamb is age, so we can define lamb as a young one of sheep that is typically less than one-year-old of age.

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 Lamb, less than three months of age, is called spring lamb. The animal tends to feed on mother’s milk due to less developed teeth. 

The meat of lamb is moist, less fatty, and quite tender. The color of lamb’s meat is pink to pale red. The slaughtering age of lamb is preferably from four months to twelve months.

 The meat of lamb is quite expensive as compared to sheep meat. Lamb also has religious value in Christian. These animals are a typical indicator of the followers of Christ. People in the United States (U.S) prefer lamb’s meat over sheep’s meat.

Final Words

The aforementioned information might be helpful for all the individuals who are in a struggle to know about the differences between sheep and lamb. The mentioned information will assist you more about both of these animals and how they are different from each other.

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