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    Free to use images

    Is there anyone who doesn’t know how to find and use free materials and images to use images and illustrations on blogs? This article will explain free materials, free image services, and how to use them.

    Many blogs and sites that you usually see using free materials. It depends on the site, but there are only a few shots and creations by myself. .. In other words, if you learn how to use it correctly, Best printer for home you can use it on your blog as well!

    This time, we will explain the basic knowledge and points for beginners and introduce specific services. If you read this article, you will be able to use photos and illustrations in your blog’s featured images and articles with confidence!

    What is “free material” that can be used on blogs?

    Free material generally refers to photographs and illustrations that can use free of charge. In a broad sense, it also includes character fonts and music data. Download it from the distributed website and use it on your website.

    Although it says ” free, “it does not mean that you are free to use it in any way, but that you can use it freely as long as the copyright holder allows it. The scope of permission, such as personal use only or non-processing, states in terms of use, so is sure to check it.

    What are the benefits of using free material for blogging?

    The reason for using free material is to make blog articles ” easier to see and understand. ” I will introduce the specific benefits!

    Easy to catch the reader’s eyes

    Free material is also useful as an eye-catching image. An eye-catching image is an image that becomes an article icon and place along with the blog title on the article list screen. The addition of an eye-catching image that easily expresses the content is more interesting to the reader than the article title with only letters, so the effect of guiding to the article improve.

    It becomes easier to imagine

    It’s difficult to explain scenes and fashion with just letters. It would help if you had both the writer’s technique and the reader’s reading comprehension. Illustrations and images make it easier to imagine and make it easier for readers to understand the article’s content. Also, if the image can process, you can make a diagram to explain the mechanism and mechanism more accurately.

    Easy to read

    Articles with only letters are very difficult to read, and readers lose their concentration or get bored and stop reading in the middle. Best way to learn spanish You may give up before you read it. However, if you put an image in the middle, the reader’s eyes will be rested, and the article will be easier to read. Also, if you insert an image at a good timing, such as when changing scenes, the article will be sharp!

    Precautions when using free material for blogs

    Free materials cannot use in any way. Read the ” Terms of Service ” that describe the permitted range and know the rules of use.

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    Terms and Conditions ” Terms and Conditions, “about licensing There are also cases, such as.”

    Even if the free material is copyrighted, you may be sued for violating the rules. After reading the terms of use, check the points explained below.

    When using it on a blog, it is important to check the following three points!

    Can it be used for commercial purposes?

    There is a “prohibition of commercial use” as a rule to be aware of. Commercial use is “use on websites that generate money.” Not only can you print images on miscellaneous goods to buy and sell, but you can also use it for commercial purposes if your blog is an affiliate blog that posts advertisements or if it is an advertorial blog that is tied up with a company.

    Do you need credit notation?

    Credit notation is also called “copyright notice” or “copyright notice” and refers to writing the copyright holder’s name along with illustrations and images. Depending on the terms of use, detailed information such as the site name, URL of the distributor, the name of the photographer of the photo, and the name of the material provider may be required. You may also be asked to add a link to the notation so that you can access the URL of the distributor or copyright holder.

    Can it be modified?

    Modification is to edit the distributed material. If it is an image, you can modify it by writing characters or cutting out the necessary parts. You can also change the aspect ratio, change the color and brightness, and combine it with other images. Which modifications are prohibited depends on the distributor, so please read the respective terms of use carefully.

    Free material site recommended for blogs.

    Next, I will introduce some recommended free material sites that are useful for creating blogs.

    We will introduce ” photographs ” and ” illustrations ” respectively, so please choose the material site that suits your blog!

    Sites To Find Free Images

    First of all, I will introduce a site with abundant photo materials. For photos that are useful for creating reality, use a material site with many choices to match the article’s theme.


    The feature of pixabay is that it is easy to find the perfect image for the blog’s content with the abundance of image and video materials of more than 17 million points. It recommends for those who want to use high-quality videos without registering as a member. It can be used for commercial purposes and modified, and no credit is required. However, if the image shows copyrighted material such as corporate logos or historic buildings, it is safer not to use it.

    Photo AC

    Photo AC is a domestic site where users post photos, so there are many photos of Japanese people and materials typical of Japan—recommended for those who want to use natural and familiar images. You can use photos for commercial purposes or modify and you don’t need credits. However, some commercial use, such as selling the photo itself.

    If you are a free member of Photo AC, the number of searches is limited to 5 times a day. It’s easy to search for photos, so we recommend paying for it if you make a profit!


    Pakutaso characterizes by collaborative projects such as horror and current affairs and recommends for people who want a wealth of images that match the article’s theme. Although it cannot be commercial, it can use for commercial purposes and can modifie, such as processing. Credit notation is not mandatory in principle, but it recommends. For photos without the model name, it is necessary to take measures such as blurring not to identify the individual.

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    Find an illustration

    Next is a site with many illustration materials. To give your article a soft impression, choose a material site that also supports unique themes.

    Illustration AC

    Illustration AC is a popular illustration material site with more than 800,000 users. It can use for commercial purposes and processed, and credit notation not require. There are plenty of backgrounds, personal illustrations, etc., and it can widely use from blog customization to article images. Premium members can use “Anshin Support,” which guarantees rights troubles up to 500,000 yen.


    From standard illustrations to maniac illustrations, it is a site that features abundant materials so that there are no images that are not unique to you. It is suitable for people who want to represent the situation of an article with an illustration accurately. Commercial use permits up to 20 items per product, and processing permit as long as the impression of the material not impair. No credit require.


    A human pictogram is a material site that collects personal illustrations of the expression “pictogram” used for emergency exit signs—recommended for those who want to use simple and intuitive illustrations. There are many unique illustrations, such as jumping knee kicks, chabudai games, and flying witches, which can use for maniac articles. It can use for commercial purposes and processed, and no credit requirements.


    Narasuton, which has abundant heartwarming “Yurukawa” illustrations such as people, animals, and events, is a recommended site for people who want to give their blog a soft atmosphere. There is also a line drawing, and it also supports black and white use. It can use for commercial purposes, does not require credit notation, and can process within the scope of the rules. There is also a service that creates the desired illustration for a fee.

    Search by bulk search

    Lastly, although it is not a material site, a service that searches all free material sites such as the following is also convenient.

    O-DAN Free to use images

    O-DAN is a service that allows you to search for free materials by searching overseas photo material sites all at once—recommended for those who want to use stylish images. If you enter any word in the search bar on the top page, matching images will list

    for each site. It is also convenient to select the check box in the search bar to search for commercially available materials.


    Tadacip is a batch search service that allows you to search only free material sites commercially available and do not require credit notation. It’s convenient to omit sites that aren’t available for commercial use. How to become a better writer When you enter a word in the search bar, the image will display along with the name of the material site. You can also filter search results such as “Illustration,” “Exclude illustration,” and “Exclude overseas sites.”

    To avoid trouble

    There is no limitation to free materials. But you may encounter unexpected troubles. Even if you intend to operate in compliance. With the terms of use. It’s important to keep that in the corner of your head.

    The worst case is when the right holder cannot contact the blog operator. If you cannot contact the business operator. You may receive a request for disclosure or a deletion request. Leading to major troubles.

    Prepare contact information that can contact on the blog. Don’t panic, don’t ignore any inquiries, and respond sincerely. Let’s keep this in mind.

    As a person on the rental server, I love to involve in dealing with many troubles, But troubles caused by “rights infringement” are increasing year by year.


    This time, I explained the definition of free materials, the merits of using them for blogs, precautions when using them, and how to use recommended material sites.

    Using materials for blog posts will give you an easy-to-read and gorgeous impression. Also, if you unify the taste of the image according to the theme, it will be easier to read!

    Follow the rules and use free materials effectively to create a high-quality blog!

    Thank you for reading to the end!


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