How to cook asparagus?

How to cook asparagus?

The asparagus are incredibly versatile vegetables in the kitchen. Including them in the cookbook is an excellent choice to make for a healthier and tastier diet. In this article, we read about How to cook asparagus?

After understanding how to wash and clean them and still store and freeze them, in this guide, we will discover together the main cooking methods for asparagus, with a particular emphasis on the tastiest and most popular dishes.

Maybe you didn’t know that there are so many different ways to cook asparagus. Depending on the recipe you want to prepare, it is advisable to choose the most suitable to obtain the best possible result for your asparagus recipes.

Boiled asparagus

First of all, the initial step is boiling. After having cleaned and cut them, to continue with preparing your recipes, it is essential to cook the asparagus in boiling water.

Suppose you want to consume your asparagus immediately, perhaps using them combined with other dishes. In that case, you must let them boil for at least a quarter of an hour—the time to cook the vegetables changes according to their size. But often, this step is only the first step in making a complete recipe.

Now let’s see together some ideas for cooking asparagus most simply and effectively.

How to cook asparagus with pasta

Perhaps the most popular and inviting combination is the one with the first courses. Cooking asparagus with pasta is the flagship of many renowned menus; it is no coincidence that asparagus is one of the vegetables that go best with this type of recipe, including, of course, the many variations of risotto.

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Among the best recipes, we recommend some that you absolutely must experiment and taste:

  • Asparagus are versatile vegetables that go great with almost any type of pasta, including lasagna. Some recipes that you can experiment with in many ways, for example, are pasta with smoked salmon and asparagus and the simple pasta with asparagus and ricotta.
  • A fantastic specific combination is the one with penne, whether smooth or striped: try the penne with octopus and asparagus or even penne, asparagus, and mornay sauce. You will not regret it.
  • Have you ever tried asparagus with long pasta? Excellent ideas can be spaghetti with chicken and asparagus, the all-vegetable variant with asparagus and carrot cream, or even the classic tagliatelle with asparagus and the delicious spelled tagliolini with asparagus and porcini mushrooms.
  • Perhaps the combination that is enjoying the most success in the last period is a typical Apulian pasta between asparagus and orecchiette. In this case, the simplest variant is the first course of orecchiette with asparagus, to best savor this combination; do not underestimate, however, also the possible addition of speck to create a truly complete and inviting recipe.
  • Finally, we also include the excellent link between asparagus and rice. If you want to follow this path, there are many variations to cook and experiment: among the most common, we mention risotto with asparagus and risotto with asparagus, oil, and saffron.

How to cook asparagus as a side dish

This point may seem vague and indefinite. In reality, asparagus can be excellent ingredients for a healthy side dish, even served alone, seasoned with oil, salt, and lemon.

But even in this case, you can indulge yourself as you see fit. The asparagus salad could be the best solution in the summer. In contrast, dishes like the flan with asparagus stalks or the vegetable flan (with asparagus and carrots) will surely make you look good at home dinners.

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How to cook asparagus in a pan

Perhaps the easiest and best-known way is cooking in a pan. The pan-fried asparagus is quick to cook and very tasty to eat. Yes, they can create excellent side dishes in this way, together with other vegetables. Or even complete words, also valid for a mouth-watering second.

Examples include dishes such as chicken with asparagus and nuggets of hake, asparagus, and artichokes; simple and delicious recipes, which will guarantee you success at the table.

How to cook asparagus in the oven

Like many other vegetables and vegetables, asparagus is also very suitable for cooking in the oven. The crunchy texture and unique flavor of the preparations that require this step can be genuinely inimitable. It is no coincidence that baked asparagus is very successful, alone or as a recipe preparation.

The most common example cited is gratinated asparagus, delicious, fast, and simple to make. But how can we not mention the rustic cakes? Among the most popular, we recommend the rustic roll of cooked ham, smoked scamorza and asparagus, and the exquisite asparagus pie.

However, if you want to experiment with something different, we recommend the asparagus all parmigiana, as tradition dictates.

How to cook asparagus with eggs

Cooking asparagus with eggs can be the winning solution on many occasions, given the excellent combination of these two products. Also, in this case, we are faced with very complete and affordable dishes. Given the simplicity and speed in preparing these recipes.

They range from the classic no-frills asparagus omelet to the already more demanding omelet with the addition of speck, passing through the renowned scrambled eggs with asparagus and red onion and the gourmet dish crispy yolk, asparagus, and San Daniele. In short, there is something for all tastes and needs.

Now you have any instructions to make your menu based on these vegetables. There are so many ways to cook asparagus: try them all.

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