How to quit a job?

How to quit a job?

Are you seriously considering leaving your job? Couldn’t you last a single moment longer in that office? Are you not satisfied with your profession, the relationship with the boss, and your colleagues? In this article, we read about How to quit a job?

Quit work avoiding missteps

Sometimes you want or have to change jobs in the course of your life. The reasons for this decision can be very varied. If you too feel impatient, not very stimulated, not very serene, and are seriously considering the idea of ​​leaving your job, breathe deeply and remember not to “lose your temper.” Quitting your job is a very delicate phase in professional life. After all, you are about to say goodbye to your old office, to paperwork, to colleagues with whom you have nevertheless shared a path of your life (for better or for worse). Remember that you will come out of your office changed. You will no longer be the same person as when you accepted that profession. The working realities change us profoundly, teaching us things we did not know before. They teach us to establish professional relationships, learn how to organize our work, and much more. For this reason, it is always good to take leave in a professional, polite, and elegant way.

Try not to make any missteps that you may regret, such as starting arguments, throwing poison on colleagues and executives. All of this does not benefit your reputation. Get laid off in a way that helps both yourself and your employer.

Why are you thinking of quitting your job?

Before proceeding, stop for a moment and think about the reasons that lead you to want to change jobs. At best, you’ve received a new job offer. In this case, try to make a list of pros and cons and weigh the two jobs on a hypothetical balance to see which is more convenient. Another reason that could lead you to want to leave your job is terrible relationships with colleagues and managers, or you need to move to another city, perhaps abroad. And again, you may feel stressed, overwhelmed, lacking in vitality due to the work you do but don’t love. In this case, before falling into total depression, it is better to look for something else and open up to new adventures and professional experiences, perhaps closer to your interests and passions. 

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Write a resignation letter to present to the boss.

The first step to take if you want to quit your job is to write a resignation letter. Please take some time to write this letter,  which will inform your boss of your professional decision. Be clear and concise, avoiding any negativity. Express your reasons freely and professionally, thanking the company and the boss for the opportunity they gave you. Talk to executives also verbally, making an appointment. Remember to be calm, don’t appear nervous or tense. 

You have to be concise, precise, clear, and grateful for the career you are about to leave. After all, any company loves to be praised and respected, even by professionals who decide to resign.

Submit your resignation early to quit a job.

You absolutely cannot leave your job overnight. The contracts indicate the notice with which you must communicate your resignation. This is usually two weeks, the time it takes for your boss to find an excellent replacement to take your place in the company. So, announce your resignation in advance, and continue to do your job professionally until the last day you spend in the office. Please do not make the mistake of many, namely that of getting lazy, no longer doing their job, thinking that now that job is no longer their problem. Be superior, professional, and accurate until the last day. This way you will leave a good memory of yourself.

Finish everything you started to quit a job

Before you leave and say goodbye to your old job, try to finish everything you started. If you have work to spend and deliver, do it before you leave your employment. If you can’t finish everything in time, make sure that these projects can be understood and completed by whoever will take your place in the office. Another task that will honor you is to “pass the baton” in the best possible way. Try to explain all the characteristics of the job you are leaving to your replacement. Be kind, patient, and respectful.

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Free the office of all your personal belongings

It almost looks like a scene from a movie, when the protagonist finds himself having to put all his personal effects in the office in a cardboard box. Well, that’s what you will have to do when you leave your job. Free the office from photos, pencils, pens, frames, and all the personal effects that have kept you company during your working days. Before leaving, hand the items you have entrusted to you to the company, such as company phones, keys, badges, and much more.

Say hello and thank you to quit a job.

Before leaving the company that hosted you for good, stop and say hello to your former professional adventure mates, smile at everyone, even those colleagues you really can’t stand to whom you would sing about cooked and raw. Remember, kindness, positivity, and education always pay off. Thank the boss and the managers for allowing you to gain significant professional experience, the time they have dedicated to you, and the attention received. The end of a journey is always exciting, both for good and for bad. You are leaving your job in the best positive way.

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