How to get motivated?

How to get motivated?

Do you sometimes lack self-motivation? Do you sometimes find it difficult to get yourself up and motivate yourself? Many of us postpone upcoming tasks forever. And whenever we are about to do what we set out to do, it suddenly seems to be more important, for example cleaning the windows, taking down the trash, or watching the news. In the following article, we get to know about How to get motivated? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys. If you know that about yourself, here are a few good tips for you:

Tip 1: First clarify what really needs to be done

Before you start a task, you should be clear about the following: Does what you have to do really have to be done? That might sound strange, but sometimes we block ourselves against a task because we subconsciously have the feeling that this task is not that important to get motivated, that this task is unnecessary, or that someone else should kindly do it.

Therefore, make a clear decision for or against this task at the beginning. Maybe you can delegate them? Maybe it really isn’t that important? Then let it be.

But if you have to do something, then make a conscious and unequivocal choice for that task and do it.

Tip 2: Find out what motivates you personally and use this knowledge

What is it that motivates you in particular? Money? Recognition? When a task is difficult? When can you work with others? What exactly is it that you are attracted to?

Each of us has certain things that motivate us and each of us has things that demotivate us.

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The trick now is to find out what motivates and demotivates us. Because when we have found that out, that is often the key to success.

If you know what motivates you, you can organize your tasks accordingly. Suppose you have to write a thesis and you know that you prefer to work in a team. Then you can create motivation for yourself by trying to write a thesis with someone (this is possible in many departments). It’s about being able to design your own tasks. Do it according to your needs. If you know what motivates you, you can use this knowledge for self-control.

Tip 3: self-motivation through visualization

If you want to motivate yourself for a task, imagine in your mind’s eye how you will do the task with joy and vigor. Color this in with bright colors and think of the moment when you mastered this task to get motivated – how good and relieved you feel and how proud you are.

Positive visualizations will help you keep yourself motivated. But they are not enough.

In order for such positive fantasies to really strengthen your motivation to get motivated, you have to combine them with something else.

Tip 4: Pay attention to your inner programs

Under no circumstances keep telling yourself that you “can’t concentrate”, for example, or that you “will never do this job” to get motivated. In this way, you program yourself not to feel like a failure or to continue to be unmotivated.

If you can’t turn your thoughts off, write them down on a piece of paper, if necessary, and then tear them up to get motivated. This is a cleansing ritual that can free us from tormenting thoughts.

Better yet, tell yourself that “the task is fun”, that it is “done very quickly”, or that it is “child’s play” to get motivated. Even if you do not believe in it, you program your subconscious to the new useful trains of thought and these thoughts have become second nature to you.

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Tip 5: Motivate through rewards

Many people are motivated by rewards. You too?

Then take advantage of it. Offer yourself rewards for completing tasks to get motivated – for example, a certain book, a visit to the cinema, a massage, or a few tickets for the next sports final. Pick things that you really like or would like to do to get motivated. Tell yourself, “When I’ve finished those ten files, I’ll buy the book I’ve been wanting for so long”. Or “When I have successfully completed this course to get motivated, I will reward myself with the new computer game.”

Tip 6: create artificial time pressure

A lot of people can be motivated by a deadline.

When the deadline pressure increases to get motivated, you can suddenly get down to work without any problems or quarrels to get motivated. Use this for yourself too, by setting appointments for your tasks yourself.

And not just in your quiet little room. Put such appointments in your calendar as you would other business appointments. Talk to others about it to get motivated. Write down the appointments on post-it notes and pin them on your pinboard or on your PC.

Do not underestimate how powerful such self-set appointments can be when you are serious and honest with yourself.

Tip 7: For the longer period – action plans

Often we are poorly motivated because we cannot predict how long a task will take and what will happen to us to get motivated. Our projects often seem too big and therefore hardly manageable. Therefore, draw up concrete action plans.

Tip 8: For the current day – schedules

If we can keep track of our work tasks in the morning, it is much easier for us to even start to get motivated. Therefore, in the morning, create a concrete work plan for the day ahead. Write down what you want to do to get motivated, how much time you need for it (+ buffer time) and, if necessary, the reward for a special task.

Put the uncomfortable tasks at the beginning of the day so that you will soon have them behind you to get motivated. Cross out any tasks you completed so you can see that you are moving forward. What you can’t do to get motivated, carry over into the next day.

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