How to Write Insanely Addictive Articles

How to Write Insanely Addictive Articles

Many people assume that writing is not an easy task. It can be challenging for newbies to writing good articles. They’re partially true; no doubt, it could be difficult to write compelling articles. But, if you’re putting all your efforts and have a creative world outlook, you can become a good content writer. The Internet is badly swamped with content, and why it shouldn’t be, after all, content is king of the market. 

“The definition of articles has become blurred; it is because everyone in this digital age can write anything and call it an article. But there is a fine line between good and bad articles, and it should be to differentiate between quality and poorly written content. “

Creating good content is not a laborious chore. The technique that is required to create good content can be tough to grasp. 

The weak articles are pushed back, while the good articles are read and shared by the audience. Today, we’ll look at some of the best techniques that can help our readers to write insanely addictive articles. 

Craft Catchy Headline 

Envisage that you are looking for new books at a bookstore, and you lack time to get a detailed overview of every book. You’ll definitely choose the book which has a compelling title and an attractive cover. The same happens when netizens are looking for information over the web.

They read blog titles and the ones that grab their attention; they click on it immediately. You need to make your headline catchy and interesting. In this phase, make sure to add the words that can truly represent the search intent of the user. Headlines that make the user feel that it can benefit them can increase your click-through rate or more commonly known as (CTR). 

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Irresistible Introduction 

After getting the reader to your webpage by giving an interesting headline. Now you’ve to work on the content of the post. Does it have the material you promised in the title? The first paragraph plays a detrimental role, as it determines either the reader is going to read further or will bounce back. 

  1. You need to make it as much interesting as much as you can. 
  2. Make sure to throw some questions in front of the readers. It will let them think and to find the answer they’ll surely read further. 
  3. Give a storyline to your article; it will get them trapped in the content you’ve crafted. By doing this, you’ll surely make the reader read and share the article with others, as well. 

Easy to use Vocabulary 

Make sure you use words that are easy to understand instead of words or phrases that aren’t easy to comprehend. You need to make the reader understand what you’re going to deliver, instead of showing your intellectualism. The reader will no doubt be impressed even if you use simple words if the content incorporates what they are looking for. 

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line of the article must be good enough that the reader feels that you have done justice with the topic. Make sure to summarize the whole topic in a few words. It will not only give a recap to the overall content you’ve written before. But along with that also convince the reader to become your loyal reader.


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