How To Write SEO friendly Content


The content that is written helps users to get their desired information and is easy to understand by search engines is known as SEO friendly content. But that does not mean that you overstuff the content with the search terms (keywords). SEO boosts the quality of your content and makes it reach the targeted audience. Your content should be authentic and have a unique perspective to to avail better ranking in the SERP.

Hunt For High-Quality Content

Craving information never ends! People are constantly on the hunt for useful information. Once you show them that you have worthy content, you will be rewarded as a high profile website. Grow your business by fueling SEO and increase your ranking in search engines. Your page’s content is a potential ceiling to elevate web traffic to your digital platform.

Key To SEO Friendly Content

An average content with the perfect optimization does not rank number one in the search engines. Similarly, content without SEO Services is on stake and acquires the second page of Google. If you are just giving a delay to keyword search and optimization techniques, for the time being, let’s bother the nuts and bolts of SEO friendly content.


  • Define Goals:

You must be clear in your vision about what you are going to write and what kind of audience you are going to target. Your content should be goal and target-oriented. If you are ambiguous about your goals, you will never ever make your content worth reading.


  • Title Of Content:

The title represents your content; your content’s title should be appropriate and relevant to your content. The title gives you a sneak peek of the whole content. It is the first line of your content. Avoid using lengthy titles and do not overuse keywords in your title.

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  • Meta Description:


It is a snippet of your content; google chooses a relevant section of your text that matches the context of the user’s query. It should have all the information that is relevant to the user. It should be summarized that don’t copy the whole text in the meta description. Use keywords but also don’t overdo it.


  • Headings:

Headings give the idea of the content and tell the user whether the page is useful for them or not. Headings create a hierarchical structure of your content. Use different heading sizes and avoid using excessive heading tags, lengthy headings, and stuffed keywords.


  • Keywords:

Keywords are search terms around which whole content revolves. Keywords are pivotal for the ranking of your page in search engines. They are the backbone of your content. Keywords are essential for generating web traffic to your digital platform.


  • Image Text:

The images you are using to support your content must have a text snippet that describes the image and its relevance with the content that you have written. Try to adjust the keywords in the image text also.


  • Back Link:

Try to generate backlinks with anchor text to increase your reach and to get trustworthy in the eyes of Google. Google highly encourages backlinking, and it lies in one of the best content marketing strategies. Backlinks also elevate web traffic to your web pages.


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