Similar to search engine optimization, ASO also delves into increase visibility in the App store. Which results in organic downloads. If you have fully optimized your app, it is more likely to be download by people.

While downloads are directly proportional to users and users in return are directly proportional to revenue. Apparently, it seems to be a simple process, but to be honest, it isn’t.

Are you looking for a way out to optimize your apps?  But are you stuck with no concrete strategy? But you need not worry as we have answered all the primary questions related to ASO in this short guide. Read on this post to grow your app business.

What is ASO?

As discussed previously, ASO is about enhancing your search visibility in the play store. It depends on the click-through rate (CTR). To get a higher ranking, your CTR needs to get improve. And for that reason, you have to optimize your app title, description, logos, and screenshots as well, to above all the rating of your app. But that’s not enough.

After getting the visitor to your app landing page, you need to convince them somehow to either download or make a purchase of your app. The process is known as In-App optimization or Conversion Rate Optimization.

The primary difference between SEO and ASO 

ASO is also generally known as app SEO. AS there some similarities in both of them. Both require keyword optimization, link building, and above all high conversion rates. But the difference arises over ranking, as ASO is processed for apps, whereas SEO is utilized to optimize websites.

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But Google considers a lot of factors to ranking apps, and many people are not sure about the determining factor to get high rank in the app store.

Essentiality of App Store Optimization 

Currently, Google Play Store is offering more than 3.5 million apps, and iTunes is providing nearly 2 million apps. These stats clearly depicts the toughness of competition level. To get maximum downloads, you need to become visible in the eyes of the user. To boost your organic traffic and to increase the click-through rate, you need to understand the search patterns of users on the App store.

User Search Patterns 

The app store search is the common method used by users to look for the apps they are in need of. Do you know that ranking in stores is dependent on the number of downloads? If downloads of your app are higher, there are chances that your app will be downloaded more because it will become more relevant to the user. And if your app is ranking higher, then your click-through rate will also be higher as users do not prefer to scroll down. If you want to get succeeded in this particular field, then you will need to invest your time and energy to get better results out of it. There is a lot more related to ASO, but we will discuss it some other time to expand your vision about ASO.


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