4 Evolving Technology Areas Of Smart Cybersecurity

Evolving Technology Areas Of Smart Cybersecurity

The hackers are imposing a great threat to our daily life. The normal people are always looking for a solution to protect themselves from the hacker’s threat. Considering the ongoing attack and past losses, the security expert is focusing on the 4 important factors of cybersecurity. These four factors are –

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Adaptive and automated network
  • Machine learning
  • Supercomputing

Artificial intelligence

The reason for which the cybersecurity expert is emphasizing on the AI technology is to protect the user data and create a safe internet. Let’s say, your computer is equipped with AI that can recognize your keystroke pattern, using style, etc. So, whenever a person or a hacker tries to use your computer the AI can automatically shut down your PC. This was just an example to show how AI can change the world. But the applications of the AI reach far beyond that. How to cook spaghetti squash? For instance, most of the tech companies are using the captcha for human verification purposes. Instead of that, we can use the AI which can guess the intention of the users. 

This might seem a very complex process but it can be done in a very simple way. For instance, the AI can rely on a series of predetermined questions and ask the users about their intention. Based on the results they can mark out the important questions and create a more secure layer on the internet. If the user seems to be less reliable, they can limit the rights while using the PC. In a word, the AI will make your computer much more efficient and smarter.

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Adaptive and automated network

This is the most important aspect of cybersecurity. The adaptive system will autumnally scan the network and search for the anomaly. If they manage to find an unknown IP address on the network, the system can monitor it very strictly. It more like using Multi device VPN. The professionals are imposing a great deal of importance to the adaptive network as it can reduce the world load while securing the network. So, how they reduce the workload by studying the network. The process is really simple. It will analyze the usage patterns of the users, and dedicated a certain amount of bandwidth and create some user levels. Though it might seem a very hard task it can be done in a very easy way. The branch of the adaptive and automated network is huge and unless we discover its full potential, it will become a tough job to complete the task.

Machine learning

The hackers are penetrating the security layers in various ways. At times, they are using the weak spot in the applications to steal personal information. But if you embed the concept of machine learning technology in the applications, the app will no longer depend on the developer’s update to improve its security. It will slowly learn to evolve and help to reinforce security. Most of the time, the users will not even notice that their apps are getting faster and smarter. The developers and IT experts have already done working on the machine learning protocol and they have many applications that are now in the beta version. So, with the help of such machine learning steps, we can reinforce the security to a great extent and make things nearly impossible for hackers.

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Supercomputing is going to create a massive breakthrough in internet security. Most of us are not able to enjoy the premium features of the computing technology as we don’t have any idea how the system works. But if you take a look and assess the state of the market, you will know how the system works. Supercomputing can reinforce security by creating an extra layer of security. You might be thinking it’s a very hectic process but if things go according to the plan of the experts, we are going to see a new world where the rate of cyber-attack is very low. As technology advance, security becomes much stronger. Keep yourself tuned with the latest innovation and it will help you to understand the digital world much better.


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