How to download YouTube Videos


About YouTube, why YouTube is so important nowadays

YouTube is a large video sharing website around the globe nowadays. In this age of automation and the internet, everything is nearly online. There is a large classification of YouTube videos on YouTube including Film and animation, Entertainment, News and Politics, Music, Kids, Education, how to. YouTube, and Comedy, is now pulling in over 1.8 billion users every month, and that’s just the people who are logged in. That makes YouTube one of the most popular services on the internet, with even more users than Gmail and other services. YouTube’s monthly user number is nearing that of Facebook, the world’s largest platform, which has over 2 billion users. now keeping in mind, the users and popularity of YouTube worldwide, there is no doubt that YouTube is of great importance in this contemporary world.

What is the importance of Videos these days?

Video is one of the main sources of sharing data on the internet today. Three hundred hours of videos are being uploaded to YouTube only in every single minute. Almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. YouTube gets over thirty million visitors a day. Researches show that eight out of 10 people age 18 to 40 go for YouTube. No matter which profession you belong, be you are a teacher, chef, musician, student, trainer, motivational speaker, baby setter, comedian, Vlogger, businessman, housewife, social woman, you definitely need videos on the internet to get yourself assisted from.

Why downloading a video is the need of the hour?

Now when we are familiar with the importance of videos and its large-scale usage, a question must be raised in your mind that why downloading a video is needed. Okay, think about how many times there comes a situation that you want to watch your favorite video but you cannot because you are not connected to the internet and you do not have any source of connection. Yes, there come some times when you need your favorite video downloaded on your device so that you can watch it offline as well.

Why service providers do not want users to have the video downloaded on their devices

Although, there are many video sharing websites on the internet, be it is YouTube or any other website, they do not allow downloading their videos, because they want you to come again and again so they can have more visitors and they can increase their hit counts, which is the main source of their income. What is Blood pressure BP

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What is YouTube downloader

YouTube downloader was Launched in 2014, YouTube’s offline feature allows users to save YouTube videos to their device for later consumption. These videos can be downloaded via mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

Different ways to download YouTube videos

There are multiple ways of downloading videos from the internet. One might go for an online tool, downloaded software, or downloading videos without using any tool and software. Now within these classes hundreds of software and tools are available. Some of them are totally free of cost, whereas, some need email registration and sign up, even some need to be purchased in order to get oneself benefitted from them.

  • Downloading video through a downloaded software   

Downloading videos through downloaded apps and software is one of the methods to download videos from the internet. There are many software used for this purpose and here is the list of the top downloading applications on the internet.

  • 4K video downloader
  • WinX YouTube downloader
  • Any video converter free
  • Free YouTube Download
  • aTube catcher
  • YTD (downloader and converter)

Which YouTube downloader is the best one to use?

 The best free YouTube downloader

There are many software and online tools to download a video from YouTube, but every tool does not generate or provide the result of the user’s choice, which should be the first priority. With no support for high bandwidth, many downloaders are not capable of downloading high-quality videos. Real achievement is not just downloading a video but is the quality of the downloaded file. For that purpose, the YTD video downloader is one of the best YouTube video downloaders.  

Benefits of YTD

There are always two main queries in users’ minds before using any software, whether the software is free of cost or purchased, and the complexity of software

  1. Free of cost is the basic requirement of any user as most of the users are students who does not want to pay for most of their work. The first priority is always a free tool so the job can be done without paying a single penny to anyone.
  2. Easy to use is another good side of YTD, with the best user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), YTD is one the most asked-for software for this purpose.
  3. There is no email registration or login type pre-requisite for YTD.
  4. No extra supportive software is required for this downloader
  5. An extra feature of conversion of video to any format is also available in this downloader
  6. It contains a video/audio player

How YTD works

  • This software is easily available on the internet, you can download it for free with full features
  • Once it is downloaded, install the tool on your device
  • Get into this tool, you see a very managed GUI
  • There are four main categories or options, Download, Convert, Activity, Play
  • Within download option you see an input field for URL, copy the URL of your required video and paste it inside the field, select download quality, save to file, check the automatic conversion option if you want to convert the file as well, choose the conversion quality and click on download button
  • In the conversion option, you can convert any video with many quality options within a blink of an eye
  • Activity shows the progress of download or conversion activity
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Play option gives you an audio/video player so you can play the playlist of your choice

What are the disadvantages of downloaded software?

This software need to be downloaded first before they provide their services to their users. here comes the issue of malware and computer viruses that can create problems for the users. hackers and crackers might have attached their code with the software and with downloading software they can access your computer and steal your data. Storage is very expensive and important at the same time. Downloading software on your device gets space on the hard disk of your device. This is what most of the users do not appreciate and they prefer to go for an online tools option. How to earn money online, some reliable ways

  • Downloading videos through an online tool

Online tools are also available for this purpose, one can download videos of his choice within a blink of an eye.

Online tools are very easy and simple to use, all you need stable internet and a working device. You can have your favorite video from YouTube within a few clicks. Mostly there are always these few steps in order to get your video download on your device.

  1. Go for your favorite video on YouTube and copy universal resource locator (URL) of that video
  2. Now get into the online YouTube downloader tool and paste URL in the given input field
  3. Select the quality of your required video and click on the download button
  4. Once you click the download button, your video starts downloading. Depending on your internet speed, your video takes time in downloading video.

Some important online YouTube tools

  • Video grabber
  • Watch video
  • Y2Mate
  • VidPaw
  • YouTube now 

Downloading videos without using any tool

No doubt there are many software nowadays for downloading videos from YouTube, including internet download manager (IDM), YouTube downloaders, and many more. Think for a second, and you reach the conclusion, you need to download software or tool on your device to get your job done in this way. There are many issues encountered by users of this software. This software might be infected with malware, or they might ask for registration before offering their services or someone can run out of storage and do not want to download any extra software on its device. This article assists those who want to download YouTube videos without using the software.

It is just a matter of few steps

  • to get into YouTube and search for your favorite video
  • click on video so you can have a URL of that video in the address bar 
  • once you have the URL in the address bar, just write ‘ss’ after ‘www.’ And press the enter button.
  • It takes you to a new page where you have options for downloading video with just two to three clicks. How to take a screenshot on personal computer

Select the quality and download your file, which totally depends upon internet speed
To sum up, there are many software and online tools available for downloading YouTube videos, other than that, you can also download the video without using any software. This article assists you in downloading videos from YouTube for offline use. This article discusses all the important points you need to know before going to download YouTube videos.


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