How to make caramel?

How to make caramel

You have different sauces that make your dishes more tasty and that makes fun to eat but I am going to tell you something different. A caramel sauce that makes your desserts delicious and amazing. The best thing about this sauce is that you can use it with any of your favorite desserts.

When I was in college, I tasted caramel sauce at my friend’s birthday party. It was just amazing. That sauce has changed the taste of the desert and made it wonderful. I asked my friend about the sauce and he told me that it is homemade sauce and I was shocked after hearing. I took out my phone, opened the notepad and wrote the recipe. In this article I will give you a step by step guide of making caramel sauce.

Table of Contents


  •         Sugar (about 1 cup)
  •         Water (approximately 30ml)
  •         Half cup of cream
  •         Butter (quantity should be equals to that of cream)
  •         Salt (it is not compulsory but if you want then use it according to your need of flavor)

Step by step procedure:

  1. To make caramel sauce you need to mix sugar and water first. Take a saucepan, pour water and sugar in it, put it on the fire and start boiling. Keep boiling until the sugar starts dissolving in the water. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that you must keep boiling the sugar and water until it changes its color. The mixture should be golden in color. Once it changes its color, remove the mixture from the flame.
  2. The next immediate step is to add cream in the golden mixture. In the beginning it makes bubbles in a huge quantity so don’t panic. After adding cream the sugar becomes hard but you need to stir to make it soft again.
  3. Third step is to add butter in the ready mixture and stir until butter dissolves completely.
  4. Fourth step is mandatory, which is to add salt. If you want then add salt in a very small quantity and stir completely. Taste the mixture if you need more flavor then add more salt until the taste reaches to your satisfaction level.
  5. Now the caramel sauce is ready to make fun on your favorite dessert. Pore some sauce on the dessert and enjoy.
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Where to store caramel:

One question that arises to almost all of you and that is where to keep it safe for future use. My answer is to keep it in a fridge but first pour the caramel in a jar and then put it in the fridge. You can keep it in the fridge for at least 15 days.

Caramel Vs Salted Caramel:

There is only a difference of one word between caramels and salted caramel and that is the word SALT. The procedure of making caramel and salted caramel is the same. The only difference is salt. If you don’t like salty caramel then don’t add salt in it. Rest of the procedure is the same as the word CARAMEL in the above heading.

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