How to start a keto diet?

How to start keto diet

This is how you successfully start the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet and lose a lot of weight in the process. How to create a keto diet We already reported on the successes in the previous blog post. Good information, the necessary support, and, above all, getting started are essential. Some apps and helpers make life easier. Read about how to best work on the low-carb diet.

TIP 1: Find out about the basics of LCHF

It was beneficial for me to read the basics about LCHF in general (the ketogenic diet is part of it). This change in the diet goes against everything we have learned. Who does not know the classic food pyramid with the “good” carbohydrates daily and focus? The saying “fat makes you fat.” How to start keto diet Or even better: eat half – discipline yourself! Or do you not want to lose weight at all but rather gain? Does the treatment support diseases such as diabetes, migraines, Hashimoto, cancer, or the like? Your goal influences the choice of information.

I have concentrated on reversing the effects of antibiotic treatment and a lactose intolerance that has developed. In doing so, I have lost weight “on the side.” I quickly got my digestive and skin problems under control. Since then, I’ve been concentrating on getting the scales to show my desired weight at some point. Most sources of information are listed here with the background of “losing weight.” I have also tried to point out one or the other source that deals with the ketogenic diet and other medical conditions. 

TIP 2: Get help with the ketogenic diet

The whole topic of LCHF and the associated variants are so varied that I recommend that you sit down with an expert in addition to the basic information via books and the Internet. I am thinking primarily of naturopaths and nutritionists who have specialized in these nutritional methods. Most general practitioners seem to be a little more skeptical, which does not mean that you shouldn’t try this too or even have to vote depending on the clinical picture. For me, a personal consultation is much more efficient than reading everything myself. With the basic knowledge in mind, you can ask specific questions about your situation. I got started with my trainer Lará, who is also a nutritionist. She has the daily ratio of fat I need, especially for me, Proteins and carbohydrates calculated. Extremely helpful and effective because I lost 10kg in the first eight weeks. Pure motivation.

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In the second step, after a good six months (and a total of 18kg less), I have sought the additional help of a naturopath. She took another critical look at my food diary and made the first recommendation for what I can still change. In plain language: even more fat, less protein. In addition, we did a complete blood count to see where fine-tuning is still possible. The result: Vitamin D deficiency – even though I’ve been training in the outdoor pool since shortly before Pentecost. But at the wrong times, at least from the body’s own vitamin D production point of view. Because it is only activated when there is enough UV light, which is only around 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. for us. 

TIP 3: Start with a low-carbohydrate diet right away

I call it “postponement disease.” Many people are sure to know the statement “I’ll start tomorrow” very personally. I also. They want to start a lot tomorrow. Like my own blog, for example. Or my tax return (the thought shakes me, and I quickly do something else …). But honestly. We’re just embodying ourselves, aren’t we? With LCHF, my experience was that it was better for me to start overnight.

And consistently. In other words, I gave away all the carbohydrates I had to my friends and neighbors. But I’ve already told you that. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to jump straight into the deep end, and from now on, you don’t want to eat any more carbohydrates at all, or whether you want to let them run out of your eating habits slowly. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong here, just personal preferences.

TIP 4: Low Carb High-Fat overview with apps and other helpers

In my opinion, especially at the beginning, it is essential to understand what you are eating and when you are in ketosis. For this to work, it helps that you write down what you have been eating in one day so far. Use the food tables to hand, which list the details for carbohydrates, fat, and protein per 100g. I found z. B. The large GU nutritional calorie table 2014/15 is excellent. Or use one of the many apps. Above all, do not underestimate the weight. Use a kitchen scale that shows the importance in grams. Example: Two small apricots already weigh 90g. And? Are you surprised by how the distribution looks? Such “eye openers” help me to see the relationships. And with this starting point in mind, you are sure to find the right way to reduce carbohydrates.

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Tip 5: the scales: friend or foe of the sectarian?

The scales. It was never actually my girlfriend, even if I am currently changing my opinion about her in some cases. Sure, after the first kilos tumbled overnight. But I don’t use them alone as a source of information about my body weight. In addition, I regularly use measuring tape for advice. Why? Quite simply, the video sometimes clearly says how the body has changed over the scales alone. On the first day of the change in diet, I wrote down my weight in the morning and also measured the circumference on the following parts of the body: upper arm, bust, waist, hips, thighs, knees (yes, you can lose weight there too and lower legs.

How to start a keto diet?

Some of these values ​​change faster than the scale, as is currently the case with me. The scales have been showing the same value for several weeks – to get mad. How to start keto diet But the tape measure shows that something is still happening – it is getting less. Proof that I am finally reaping the rewards of training and building muscle while losing fat at the same time. Since muscles are heavier than fat, the scales do not show any difference at first glance. That helps me not to lose motivation.

In addition to the scales and tape measure, several factors increase my motivation: The clothes are getting too big – I felt like I already put half the closet in the used clothes collection. Last but not least, most valuable to me is the positive feedback I get from my friends, relatives, and colleagues. It just feels good. And therefore: Thank you! And to those who also want to lose weight and get healthy: hold on, enjoy yourself and enjoy the journey. How to start a keto diet Don’t put yourself under pressure because you’d still have jot jejune, as the Cologne native says!

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