Surge in Corona cases worldwide


Virus upsurge in Europe as more and more cases show up in the United States

World Health Organization warned on Thursday that Europe is facing an upsurge in corona cases as the deadly epidemic is out of control in North America and Latin America. The WHO said some health systems in Europe risked being overwhelmed, yet officials have continued to overturn restrictive measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus, as France open the Eiffel tower for the tourists for the first time in the last three months. Brazil and the United States recorded almost 80000 infections between them on Wednesday. While some US states have moved to reimpose restriction measures, Brazilian expert Domingos Alves warned that his country was sending people to the slaughterhouse by re-opening very soon. All around the world governments are struggling very hard to balance public health needs of fighting a virus that has until now effected more than ten million people and killed almost 500,000 people with the damage caused due to lockdown to their economies. International monitory fund on the other side has predicted that global GDP will plunge by 4.9 percent this year and wipe out $12 trillion over two years.

Restrictions could be the norms until vaccine or treatment is found for the disease, experts warned. India is launching a massive corona survey taking down health details from New Delhi’s overall population of 29 million and testing every single person with symptoms by July 6. This decision was made after the capital was found the severely hit city, exceeding the reported cases over 70,000. New Delhi is severely hit by the virus than the financial hub Mumbai. Officials say, teams will go to each household to identify and test those having symptoms using an antigen test, a cheaper and more efficient though less accurate blood test that looks for antibodies proteins made by the body days or weeks after fighting an infection.

Meanwhile, the new plan also envisions a redrawing of the city’s 266 containment zones. Police will be deployed to enforce physical distancing and prevent the mixing of the population in containment zones. Drones might be used in some areas to ensure strict perimeter control. Officials say, if anyone is found confirmed to have been infected, or a cluster of patients living in a densely populated area where physical distancing is not possible, then the plan says the area would be moved to a Covid-19 government care center. Along with this, authorities are also planning to randomly test people from across the age group, including children, to look for antibodies for the virus in their blood in order to better understand how the virus is spreading.

Pakistan is also facing an upsurge in daily reported corona cases, until now there are 194,613 reported confirmed cases in Pakistan. Reported deaths are reaching 4000, with 123 reported on June 25. Sindh being the most effected province among the four provinces has crossed the digit of 75000, Punjab on the second number on 71,191, the capital city has crossed the confirmed cases of 11000, and Baluchistan with minimum cases stands on 9,946, KP above than 24000. Total recovery cases are 81, 307. 


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