Why is Backlink Analysis Important?

Why is Backlink Analysis Important

You might have got a new client for performing an SEO audit or working on your own site for conducting and tracking SEO performance. Or the other way around, you also might be a beginner a learning way to monitor your offsite activities. It is the fundamental basis of offsite search engine optimization to perform a thorough and comprehensive analysis. Below you will find the elements of backlinks analysis.

  1. Number of links pointing towards your site or webpage
  2. Number of matchless and unique domains
  3. Link domains and total links
  4. The usage of anchor text difference
  5. The proportion between branded and keyword-rich
  6. Fresh inbound links pointing towards your domain
  7. Link quality
  8. Overall performance of a page

Backlink analysis cannot only be limited to your or client site but in fact, you can also conduct incoming link analysis of your competitors as well. Let’s check out why the backlink analysis of competitors is necessary.

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Competitor Analysis Research 

The inbound analysis is necessary for a robust SEO strategy. If you are good at conducting a good analysis, it can give you valuable insights. Just looking at raw links may not give a complete idea, how the things are working behind the curtains.

You will have to look at every single aspect to get a complete understanding of how competitors are working in the market. It will also help you out in digging up new avenues for your site to generate backlinks.

Even if you think there are no competitors, still try to make someone as your rival to create an enthusiasm in you to outrank everyone. The current digital sphere of link building is complex and intricate. Google has some strict policies regarding generating backlinks.

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Even if your competitors are utilizing spammy ways for generating backlinks, do not follow their footsteps, it could bring damage to your sit in the long-run. Because at some point in time, you may be detected by the search engine that you are black hat tricks to get ranked in the search engine result page.

Track Your Own Performance 

Link building is not only about creating backlinks and sitting back with your legs up and waiting to get ranked in the search engine result page. In fact, along with creating backlinks, you also need to make sure that you are generating the links accurately without any mistake.

Because link building is not a child’s play, it needs a lot of consideration. Even if you have hired a team of SEO professionals, you need to get involved in their activities. It is because you have to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction.

The Bottom Line 

In the last few years, due to several updates by the search engine giant Google, many people have started arguing that inbound links are now of no use, and it has become a story of past to create backlinks. No doubt, the methodology of creating links has changed dramatically, but it is still the backbone of search engine optimization.


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