PTI ministers blame its own government at both Centre and Punjab


Indecorous remarks have been given by its own lawmakers

The absence of the ministers from the House (National Assembly) by the ruling PTI government already brought embarrassment to the ruling party. Further, PTI lawmakers criticized the budget of their own government. The ruling party faced embarrassment in the National Assembly when a number of its lawmakers complained about insufficient allocations for agriculture and various projects in the federal budget, as the government has decided to allocate 650 billion Pakistani rupees for the Public sector and development programs.

As the discussion on a budget is going on in the National Assembly and speeches are being given by the ministers on the floor of the Parliament. PTI lawmaker from Vehari, Aurangzeb Khan Khichi, protested over the absence of the ministers from the house during the debate on the budget 2020-2021. Mr khichi further showed his concerns over the increase in the price of wheat in the country, alleging that wheat was being vigorously purchased from the farmers at the rate of 1,450 and it was being sold out in the market for Rs 1700 in the open market. From Chiniot, Ghulam Muhammad Lali complained about health issues in his constituency and complained that the Punjab Chief Minister had promised to build district hospitals and tehsil headquarters, but until now no action had been taken.

The PTI lawmakers also blasted the Punjab government on various issues like ban on inter-provincial movement of wheat, and numbness of Punjab government over its promised projects.

On the seventh day of the debate on federal budget Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf lawmakers, Sardar Riaz Mehmood Mazari and Junaid Akbar from Rajanpur and Malakand respectively, criticized Punjab government over what they called the failure of the Punjab government in the southern part the province and the government’s decision to ban inter-provincial movement of wheat. Sardar Riaz Mehmood Mazari lashed out the federal government for not allocating funds for the proposed south Punjab province in the budget. Here is what Mr. Mazari said, “we were hopeful of bringing about a change in the country, but disappointment looks obvious, that is neither are people getting jobs nor is any development taking place in the province”. The PTI legislatures further said that prime minister Imran Khan had promised to work for the betterment of the backward areas, but no progress has been made.

“We are crying over the Indian occupied Kashmir, whereas the conditions in the area is worse than Kashmir, that is the honor of the people is not safe”, said Mr. Mazari. Mr. Mazari further slammed the intelligence agencies for their failure in maintaining law and order in the country in general and specifically in southern Punjab. “If the Police cannot do the job of clearing the areas from the unprincipled men then government should send rangers and Army to clear the areas”, he further said. Lawmaker also said that the PTI government has failed to deliver in the field of eliminating corruption as the government promised to do so, alleging that people had acquired jobs in railway after paying huge amounts.  

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